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How do I apply to adopt a child?

Step by step guide to becoming an adopter

We are now in a position to receive enquiries from prospective adopters who are able to offer a home and a future to all children including sibling group, children with disabilities and children from minority ethnic groups.

Step 1 - Are you eligible to become an adopter?

Take a look at who can adopt and check if your circumstances are right for adoption. 

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Step 2: The initial visit

  • A social worker will visit you at home and discuss how you can help an adopted child
  • The social worker will check that you have considered the implications of adoption and can meet the criteria
  • They will decide with their line manager if you can proceed to the next stage
  • You will receive a copy of this visit and if you have any concerns are able to voice these via our complaints procedure
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Step 3: Preparation Groups

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Step 4: The adopter's assessment

This is when we find out more about you and we will work with you to prepare the report that is presented to the adoption panel.

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Step 5: The final decision

  • An adoption panel which you will be invited to recommends whether or not your application to become an adopter has been successful
  • The agency decision maker considers panels' views and ratifies the recommendation if they are satisfied with the information provided
  • After approval you will receive training and support before we place a child with you

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Last updated: 25 January 2018 | Last reviewed: 25 January 2018