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  • Mythical Maze

    Reading challenge

    Curl up with a good book this Autumn

    Picture the scene – a comfy chair, a roaring fire and a mug of hot chocolate.The only thing missing is the perfect book.

    To avoid this disaster make sure you reserve one of the new titles falling into a library near you this Autumn.

  • Renew a library book

    Renew a library book
    Renew a library book

    There are a number of ways you can renew a library book:

  • Library catalogue

    Search the library catalogue

    Search the library catalogue

    Search the library catalogue

    Search for books, dvds, games, music and much more on the online Wiltshire libraries catalogue.

  • Library events


    Library events

    The libraries in Wiltshire hold a variety of events. Please use our events calendar to find out more information.

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All In The Mind

By Campbell, Alastair (reviewed by Liz, Trowbridge Library)

A compelling story about an illness which is poorly understood, affecting over 15% of the UK population plus their family and friends told by one who suffers himself.

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