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Mood boosting books and books on prescription

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Are you feeling low, suffering from depression or lacking confidence?

The Books on Prescription scheme aims to help people with common psychological difficulties or problems. It is now a national scheme, called Reading Well, run in Wiltshire by the library service, and LIFT.

Can books really help?

The books have been chosen by doctors and mental health practitioners. Here are some comments from people who have found the books useful:

“An excellent self-help guide… I have been diagnosed with depression and this book was recommended by my GP”

“After reading this book, I felt a new sense of well-being”

“This book has really helped me to learn how to change those thoughts and become a more positive person”

How does the service work?

Your Doctor or health professional issues a ‘prescription’ for the recommended book. Take the prescription to your local library. Staff can request a copy of the book for you free of charge if it isn’t available. The book can be borrowed for 3 weeks; an extension may be possible if no-one is waiting for it.

You can find the full list of titles on this suggested reads page.

What if I don’t belong to the library?

Ensure the doctor or other health professional has included your name and address on the prescription and this can be used as proof of ID. It is free to join the library and borrow books, you may also like to look at other related information books or use the computers free of charge.

Is the service confidential?

Think of the library as you would your local pharmacist – someone who can deliver what is prescribed with professional expertise and ethical practice. Staff will not divulge any information about who is borrowing a book or what it is about.

Mood Boosting Books

In autumn 2013 we will be promoting a series of ‘mood boosting books’.

Readers and reading groups around the country have recommended 20 new Mood-boosting Books drawn from both fiction and non fiction.  Libraries nationally have also worked with Macmillan Cancer Support to involve people who have been diagnosed with cancer in recommending mood-boosting books.

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