The Big Drink Debate Survey
There has been a lot of information in the press and on television recently about excessive drinking and the problems that this can cause in communities.

We want to find out if excessive drinking is a problem in Wiltshire and what you think about ways of reducing harmful drinking.
This is your opportunity to influence what happens next. Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire online or by printing and posting to Lydia Thomas, Wiltshire's Big Drink Debate, Wiltshire Council, Public Heath Department, County Hall, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN.

You won't be identified by any of the answers that you give but your views will help us enormously.

The closing date for this survey is 14th September and following the close of the campaign we will feedback what you've told us and how your views will help us develop an alcohol strategy for Wiltshire.
1. Where do you mainly buy alcohol from? (Tick all that apply)
2. Which of these drinks contains the most Units of alcohol?
3. Which of these are the recommended maximum daily alcohol consumption limits for adults?

Please choose one option for men and one option for women.
4. Would knowing the amount of sugar and/or calories in alcohol affect the amount you drink?
Did you know?

- A glass of wine has similar calories to a slice of cake
- A pint of bitter has similar calories to a slice of pizza
- A spirit mixer with coke has similar calories to half a doughnut

Source: Drinkaware
5. Where would you prefer to get information and personal advice on safe and sensible drinking from? (Tick all that apply)
  My local GP    
  My local pharmacy    
  My local dentist    
  My optician    
  From NHS Choices (    
  From pubs and clubs    
  From supermarkets and off-licences    
  Train and bus stations    
  Gyms and leisure centres    
  Via the internet    
  From phone lines/helplines    
  From the council    
  From articles in local papers    
6. Where would you be most likely to go for help if you or someone close to you had a problem with alcohol? (Tick all that apply)
7. Would you be more or less likely to use a pub or a club if the bar staff were trained to be more vigilant for drunk individuals and groups?
8. Which of the following statements about alcohol sales do you think should be given priority? (Tick up to three statements)
9. In the last two years have you ever been a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour which has been linked to alcohol misuse?
10. If yes, who did you report this to? (Tick all that apply)
11. How often do you have an alcoholic drink?
12. How many Units of alcohol do you consume on a typical day when you are drinking? (Tick one option)

A Unit is:
- a half pint (284ml) of ordinary strength beer (3.5%abv)
- a small glass (125ml) of wine (8%abv)
- a single pub measure (25ml) of vodka/whisky or other spirit (40%abv)
13. How often do you consume six or more Units of alcohol on one occasion? (Tick one option)
About you
14. Are you:
15. Your age:
16. What is your ethnicity?
17. This will be used to map responses and not be used to identify you.
18. Wiltshire Council hope to plan a Big Drink Debate Event later in the year. If you would like to find out more please leave your name and contact details below:
Thank you for your time. Please press the submit button to send in your responses or print and post to: Lydia Thomas, Wiltshire's Big Drink Debate, Wiltshire Council, Public Heath Department, County Hall, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN.