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Bradford on Avon - Historic Core Zone

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Update February 2015

A Town Poll was undertaken in Bradford on Avon on 5 February 2015. The question asked was Should the Historic Core Zone in Bradford on Avon be implemented? 1315 people voted in favour and 1669 voted against. The result of the Town Poll means that the Historic Core Zone scheme will not be implemented.

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In 2008, a Community Area initiative “Priority for People” began in Bradford on Avon (BoA). A core stakeholder group, consisting of elected Parish and Town Councillors, staff from Wiltshire Council and Community Group representatives, explored priorities and pulled together a series of initiatives for the town. Actions plans were proposed including one specifically looking at the development of a Historic Core Zone (HCZ) in the town.

In 2009, Bradford on Avon Community Area Board gave its support for a Historic Core Zone initiative. Consultants were commissioned to develop transport and public realm improvements for the town centre of Bradford on Avon using HCZ principles. The aim of the project was to create a clearly identifiable zone within BoA that rebalances the relationship between motorised vehicles and vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, and reduces the dominance and intimidation of traffic.

In consultation with stakeholders, a preferred scheme was decided upon which comprises of reduced carriageway widths in order to increase the pedestrian space available and improved pedestrian connectivity by providing informal courtesy crossings at a range of locations. This design was approved by BoA Town Council and the Community Area Board in 2010.

Market Street/Church Street – Phase 1

The Market Street - Church Street junction has been identified as the first phase of the scheme to be delivered. The scheme incorporates the main elements of the overall HCZ plans, namely footway widening, carriageway width reduction and the introduction of informal courtesy crossings. In addition, gateway features at the main entry point in the HCZ will be included.

The plans have been developed in partnership between Bradford on Avon Town Council and Wiltshire Council.

A public consultation on the scheme was undertaken in January 2013. As a result, Bradford on Avon Town Council and the Area Board resolved to support Phase 1 of the HCZ scheme with amendments to include making the pedestrian crossings more prominent in the scheme with the use of striping and including more informal crossings at the top of Market Street. In addition, the use of bollards in strategic positions was suggested as well as a review of the design of the gateways.

Phase 1 of the scheme will also include the introduction of a restricted parking zone across the whole of the HCZ area; this will retain the existing parking provision but will see the removal of the yellow lines and unnecessary traffic signs.

Exhibition materials (January 2013)

Last updated: 12 February 2015


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