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Health and safety

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Health & Safety at work

Officers in the Health and Safety Section along with colleagues in the Food Safety Section carry out enforcement under the Health and Safety At Work etc Act 1974, and numerous regulations made under this act, within Wiltshire Council’s area. However, enforcement responsibilities are split between us as a Local Authority and the Health and Safety Executive, whose regional office is in Bristol.

Briefly, within all our major towns and the surrounding villages we deal with Health & Safety enforcement for the following types of premises:

  • Shops and retailing, including market stalls, coin operated launderettes, and mobile vendors
  • Most offices
  • Some wholesale and retail warehouses
  • Hotels and other residential catering accommodation, including guest houses, residential care homes, hostels, caravan and camping sites
  • Catering including restaurants, pubs, cafes and wine bars
  • Leisure and entertainment; including night clubs, social clubs, circuses, sports facilities, health clubs, gyms, riding schools, racecourses, pleasure boat hire, motor racing circuits, and museums, theatres and art galleries
  • Places of worship and undertakers
  • Animal care, including zoos, livery stables and kennels
  • Beauty and non-medical therapeutic services; including massage, saunas, solariums, tattooing, skin and body piercing and hairdressing.

Queries regarding any other type of premises should be directed to the Health and Safety Executive.

Last updated: 20 January 2011



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