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Challenge a parking ticket

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There are three stages at which you can challenge a parking ticket (known officially as Penalty Charge Notice or PCN)

  • Informal challenge – after the parking ticket has been placed on your vehicle (and before a Notice to Owner (NtO) has been issued by post)
  • Formal challenge by the vehicle keeper only, after they have received a Notice to Owner (NtO) from the council (Approx 28 days after the parking ticket was issued and after the full charge has become due.)
  • Appeal to the Independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal. You can only do this if the council has rejected your formal challenge in writing.

Do not send or make payment if you wish to challenge your parking ticket. If payment is made, we will have to close your case.

Informal challenge

Once a parking ticket has been issued it cannot be cancelled by the Civil Enforcement Officer. If you think a parking ticket has been incorrectly issued, you have the right to informally challenge the ticket by writing to us or completing the online informal challenge form within 28 days of the ticket being issued. If your challenge is sucessful the ticket will be cancelled and no payment will be required.

However, if we feel that the parking ticket was issued correctly, we will write to you explaining the reasons for the decision. If you are still unhappy with this decision you can make a formal challenge.

Formal challenge (representation)

If your challenge is rejected or payment is not received within 28 days of the parking ticket being issued, a Notice to Owner (NtO) will be served. This notice provides details of how to make a formal challenge to the council. This lists the grounds on which a challenge can be made and explains the process you must follow. See our online formal challenge form.

Within 56 days of receiving your appeal we will let you know in writing if you have been sucessful. If your challenge has been rejected, you will be sent a Notice of Rejection (NoR) explaining that you have the right to appeal to an Independent Adjudicator.


Once you have received the NoR you cannot make any further challenges to the council. If you still wish to contest the parking ticket, you must appeal your case to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT). An appeals form will be sent out with the NoR. This contains details of the appeal process and what action you must take.

Adjudicators will consider each case, either by post or at a personal hearing, and their decision is final. There is no cost for the appeal process but you will still be expected to pay the full charge of the parking ticket (PCN) if you are unsucessful.

For more information on the progression of a parking ticket (PCN), view our parking ticket (PCN) recovery flow chart.

For all enquiries, please contact parking services on 0300 456 0100.

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