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Early years reference group

Key to successful delivery of the free entitlement is for local authorities to achieve a balance in their priorities; securing sufficiency, quality and accessibility in free provision. Critical to achieving this is a strong partnership between local authorities and providers in all sectors; private, voluntary, independent, maintained and childminders, to enable them to assess and meet demand according to local circumstances and market.

In 2007 Wiltshire brought together a representative group to consider all early years funding issues in response to the Government's plans to reform Nursery Education Funding.
This is known as the Early Years Reference Group (EYRG).

The group operates under the terms of reference which you can find in our download section. 

One of the group's first tasks was to develop a funding formula which introduced a basic hourly rate for each type of provider with additional supplements for deprivation and rurality. This is known as the Single Funding Formula.

Early years reference group representatives

  • Mark Cawley, New Road Nursery, Chippenham
  • Rosemary Collard, Snapdragons Nursery, Atworth
  • John Proctor, South Hills Nursery, Salisbury
  • Fiona Webb, Sunny Days Children’s Nursery, Calne
  • Dawn Bryant, Westwood Nursery School, Bradford on Avon
  • Andrea Gray, Smiley Faces, Amesbury
  • Clare Palmer, Jack and Jill Pre School, Calne
  • Barbara Sealey, TnB Garrison Early Years and Play, Tidworth and Bulford
  • Judith Gingell, 4Children
  • Ashley Harris, Bradford on Avon
  • Jane Boulton, Springboard District Specialist Centre

Nicki Henderson, River Mead School, Melksham

  • Angela Brennan, Coordinator for Childcare
  • Grant Davies, Strategic Financial Support Manager
  • Jenny Harvey, Lead Officer for Free Entitlement Funding
  • Russell Martin, Lead Professional Early Years Targeted Support and Special Projects

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Terms of reference

eyrg consultation sff review

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