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For small businesses and childcare settings who have limited budgets, staff may be expected to take unpaid leave to attend training and contribute towards the cost of training. Employers need to be sure there is a fair balance between the employee and employer contributions. For this purpose, employers and employees can utilise schemes set up to help with course fees.


Qualifications are mostly work based although some are delivered in a college setting or as a mixture of the two. You should assign your learner an experienced mentor who can guide them through their qualification in the workplace. The best person would be someone who has already gained or surpassed the qualification level and would be keen to be a mentor as part of their own progression.

As an employer you should ensure adequate time is provided for your employee to get support with their written work, identify work based evidence and to discuss feedback on progress. When planning your staff training you should consider which courses will benefit team resilience as well as personal progression, the cost, and how training will be recorded.


For useful information about recruiting staff please take a look the documents, 'Job descriptions' and 'Recruitment & retention guide' in the sidebar. Knowledge of 'safer recruitment' is essential when employing new staff, to find out more please visit the safeguarding information page


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Last updated: 16 May 2018 | Last reviewed: 16 May 2018