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FACT - Overview

Above is the video of our Director of Family and Children's Services Lucy Townsend talking to our Programme Lead Theresa Leavy and Deborah Smith, Head of Public Protection in Wiltshire Police about why we are rolling out the FACT programme in Wiltshire.

We are always seeking to improve the services we provide for our children and young people to help them live safely, healthily and happily in their own families and communities.

The FACT programme is building on the considerable progress already made to ensure the services which safeguard and support children and young people work together in a coherent and structured way.


What's new with FACT?

The No Wrong Door Project is one area of FACT that has moved on from the scoping process in to the deliver phase. The project is being led by Martin Davis and is progressing well with good partnership engagement from Police, Health and CAMHS colleagues; pulling knowledge from several colleagues from Children's Services, HR and Placement Services.

Policies and Procedures are in draft phases along with the staffing structure, No Wrong Door have recently advertised for a Registered Manager post and further positions will be posted in time so keep an eye on the careers pages if you are interested in becoming a part of this new innovative team.

If you wish to be involved with the No Wrong Door project feel free to contact Fact@wiltshire.gov.uk

FACT Projects

This is a wide-ranging programme to streamline and improve the way we work by taking a whole-system, holistic approach with corporate partners, staff, children, young people and their families.

We will promote multi-agency integration which will make us more efficient in providing our services and more effective at helping families and children achieve positive outcomes.

As part of our shared vision and shared Practice Framework, professionals will maximise the time spent with families, providing early support to prevent escalation and ensuring that our children thrive in their own communities.


FACT is a joint programme with our partners with five driving principles:

  • Intervene earlier – we will provide support early to prevent families’ difficulties escalating and in doing so improve outcomes and reduce demand for higher tier services
  • We want families to be able to care for their children; where children cannot continue to live in their immediate or wider family or community we will ensure they achieve permanence in a timely and effective way
  • We will reduce spend by eradicating duplication, simplifying and integrating processes and improving multi-agency integrated working and collaboration
  • We will maximise time spent with families and in doing so improve the child’s experience of support and build resilience in communities
  • We will ensure we are an effective confident workforce with a robust career profile operating a consistent practice framework within a learning organisation.

For the final word take a look at this Adverse Childhood Experience video which illustrates why we all need to ensure we are providing the best for our children and young people.

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An introduction to the families and children's transformation programme

Presentation PPTX (1.6mb)


Oct 2018 PDF (614kb)
Sep 2018 PDF (563kb)
July 2018 PDF (691kb)
June 2018 PDF (151kb)
May 2018 PDF (242kb)
Mar 2018 PDF (351kb)
Jan 2018 PDF (3.1mb)
Dec 2017 PDF (239kb)
Nov 2017 PDF (124kb)
Oct 2017 PDF (123kb)
Sep 2017 PDF (322kb)

The work to make these changes has already started with Phase 1 of the Children’s Services Integration Project and we are now into the second phase.

The document below explains where we have come from and how we are working into the future.

Timeline PDF (379kb)

Contact us

Should you have any queries or wish to get involved with the FACT Programme please contact  FACT@wiltshire.gov.uk

Last updated: 12 November 2018 | Last reviewed: 12 November 2018