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FACT - Partnership Strategy

FACT Partnership Strategy Event
28 September 2018

We'd like to say a very big thank you to those who attended the FACT Partnership Strategy Event on the 28th September 2018 in the Corn Exchange, Devizes. The event was jointly hosted by Linda Prosser from Wiltshire CCG, Craig Holden from Wiltshire Police and Terence Herbert from Wiltshire Council.

Guest speakers included Anthoulla Koutsoudi from the Wave Trust, Theresa Leavy from the FACT Transformation Programme, Sarah Heathcote from Public Health England, Stuart Hall from the Wiltshire Carer Parent Council, Neil Baker from the Education Transformation Board and Dan McAleavy, a young person who grew up in Wiltshire and has been involved in various projects helping to develop the local offer and the supported internship programme.

Input into how we work is crucial to ensure our services are fit for purpose and able to support children, young people and families to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Attendance and engagement on the day was exceptional with over one hundred young people, colleagues, parents and carers coming together to share and develop ideas as a partnership, and there was a huge willingness to make connections, meet new people, listen to ideas and work on designing our approach for the future

  • Multi-agency working across all ages/one stop shops/community hubs and localism/knowledge of other services by professionals as well as service users
  • Communication including social media, apps, signposting, knowledge and transparency/honesty
  • Better information sharing between agencies
  • Consistency of support – develop good relationships and get honest responses to identify when there are issues
  • Enable flexibility for workers to do what they need to do for the benefit of the children, young people and families
  • Eradicate referral culture and thresholds, and move to ‘warm handovers’
  • Everything needs to be simple!
  • Co-production and listening to children, young people and families
  • Training and core skills that colleagues and teams across the partnership need
  • The current arrangements for statutory thresholds under the Wiltshire Safeguarding Children’s Board (WSCB) will be going out for consultation shortly
  • The Partnership Strategy is currently being drafted and will be released for consultation in the new year
  • The FACT programme team and operational services from across the partnership will be investigating the different types of training and common core skill suggestions raised throughout the day and will be looking to develop a core skills framework
  • Review information governance/information sharing arrangements in light of the new Wiltshire Information Sharing Charter (WISC) that is now in place  
  • Investigate the possibility of developing a kite mark and accompanying charter for children’s services – only young people could determine whether services are deemed ‘good’ or ‘trusted’, enhancing listening to young people and their parents
  • Review FACT programme delivery and project areas to ensure priorities raised during consultation with colleagues, children, young people, and families are reflected (for example, exploring the concept of the ‘team around the worker’ so as not to overwhelm families with too many professionals)
  • Investigate the sharing of resource, including pooled budgets where possible and eradicating unnecessary re-charging between partner agencies (e.g. use of facilities)
  • Look into the use of carers assessment to ensure they are supporting all those that need them. 
  • Explore how parents experience our various assessment process, including communicating more clearly how decisions are made and investigating how to provide opportunities for parents to feedback on the process

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Last updated: 13 November 2018 | Last reviewed: 13 November 2018