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An emergency kit is a bag filled with:

  • Items
  • Documents
  • Belongings
  • Food

which you may need when an emergency happens.
They are sometimes called ‘grab bags’ too.
You can make a smaller kit for your car as well.

Preparing an emergency kit in advance can mean that you have just what you need to make the emergency more manageable, or if you are evacuated, it can make your time away from home a lot more comfortable.
Your bag should be small enough to carry, and all members of your family, or those who live with you should know where to find it in your home.

Your kit should be stored near an exit to your home such as by the front door or under the stairs so it can be easily grabbed on your way out.

  • A copy of your Are you ready? Household emergency plan, filled out
  • Copies of important documents (passports, driving licenses, birth certificates, prescriptions and insurance documents)
  • Spare keys for your windows, car and house
  • A wind up radio (or battery powered, don’t forget spare batteries!)
  • A spare mobile phone with charger and credit
  • Chargers for any other phones you would want with you
  • Cash (coins and notes) and credit cards
  • Spare medication
  • Toiletries and a personal first aid kit
  • Any items unique to you or your family (glasses, hearing aids, nappies, baby food)
  • Spare clothing and blankets. Especially during winter months
  • Bottled water and dried foods such as cereal bars
  • Emergency medication and food for pets
  • A notepad and pencil
  • You can also keep a kit in your car. This can be especially useful in bad weather conditions.
  • Keep bottled water, dried food and an in-car charger for your phone

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Last updated: 31 October 2016 | Last reviewed: 31 October 2016