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Commercial waste

We operate a chargeable commercial waste collection service in Wiltshire. As a business, you are responsible for properly managing and disposing of your waste through a registered waste collection organisation Close

We can collect weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We may be able to collect more frequently in some areas.

Container type
Dimensions (mm)
240-litre bin
1100 x 590 x 800 (approximately 4 full black bags)
660-litre bin
1330 x 1375 x 785 (approximately 11 full black bags)
1,100-litre bin
1470 x 1375 x 1120 (approximately 18 full black bags)
Commercial waste bags
Hold approximately 60 litres per bag

As a business, the price you pay depends on the classification of the waste you produce. The Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 states how the council must classify your waste. The waste will be classified as:
  • Commercial or household waste, with a charge for collection and disposal
  • Commercial or household waste, with a charge for collection only
The majority of businesses in Wiltshire are classified as commercial or household waste producers, with a charge for collection and disposal.
  • Please download the how the waste you produce is classified in the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 in the download section
  • Please download the price list in the download section
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Complete the form below to:

  • Sign up for this service 
  • Order additional commercial waste rubbish sacks or labels 
  • Report a missed commercial rubbish collection 
  • Request repairs or replacement of commercial waste bins

Please note, we do not currently offer commercial recycling or clinical waste collection services.

If you have any problems or wish to sign up over the phone, please call us on 0300 003 4568.


As a commercial business you have a legal duty of care to make sure the waste you produce is stored, transported, disposed of, or recycled in a safe and legal manner, either by yourself or by an approved waste carrier

You also need to be able to evidence this.  If you cannot evidence how your waste is being managed and disposed of you are committing an offence and may incur a fixed penalty notice or, if matters progress, be taken to court.

For more information, we have produced a leaflet to help you manage your business waste which can be found in the downloads section.


Once you have a collection contract in place, you should be provided you with a copy of a waste transfer note (WTN), which is your evidence that the waste has been collected by a registered waste carrier and passed on to a licensed recycling or disposal facility.

You should keep these WTNs for a minimum of two years.


No. Wiltshire's household recycling centres (HRC) and mini recycling sites are provided for the recycling of residents' own household waste only. These sites are not licensed to accept commercial waste or recycling.

A tradesman who undertakes work at a domestic property will produce commercial waste, which cannot be taken to a HRC for disposal.

If your business disposes of rubbish with your household waste or takes it to a household recycling centre, you are committing an offence.


You can employ anyone who is a registered waste carrier and they need to provide you with a waste transfer note.

Registered waste carriers can be small firms or a ‘man with a van', as well as larger organisations.

Check your chosen contractor has a valid Waste Carriers Licence number. You can check this with the Environment Agency

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Any waste produced by a business is classed as commercial waste.

If you work from home, or in a small organisation, keep your commercial waste separate from your household waste.

CBDL27562 Close
Here is a list of SIC codes which you will need to fill out your Waste Transfer Note. Close
Last updated: 13 December 2017 | Last reviewed: 13 December 2017