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Public spaces protection orders

Powers to create PSPOs came into force in October 2014. The Orders replace Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs), Gating Orders and Dog Control Orders. 

Those Orders still in force on 20 October 2017 will automatically become PSPOs including those relating to  Calne, Chippenham, Devizes, Durrington, Malmesbury and Warminster.  

‘It is an offence for any person in a public space within this area to drink alcohol or anything which a police officer or other authorised person, reasonably believes to be alcohol.  In this instance it will only be Wiltshire Police that will issue fines. 

A police officer or  other  authorised person  may  require any  other  person to surrender  anything  in  the  other person’s  possession  which  is, or which the officer  or other authorised person reasonably believes to be, alcohol, or a container for alcohol.

Any person, who without reasonable excuse commits an offence, shall be liable on conviction to a maximum fine of £500’  

Fixed penalty notices will only be applicable to those that have the ability to pay the fine.


Salisbury Public Services Protection Order consultation

Trowbridge Public Services Protection Order

Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing act 2014 (Publication of Public Spaces Protection Orders) Regulations 2014

Wiltshire council (hereinafter called "the council") in exercise of its powers under Section 59 of Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 ("the Act") and of all other enabling powers, and being satisfied that the conditions set out in section 59 of the Act are met, hereby makes the following Public Spaces Protection Order (“PSPO”) in relation to the parts of the Trowbridge listed in Schedule 1 to this Order 


The Wiltshire council (Public Spaces Protection Order) (No.1) Order 2016. The council considers that:

(a) activities carried on in a public place within the authority's area have had a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality

(b) it is likely that activities will be carried on in a public place within that area and that they will have such an effect

(c) the effect, or likely effect, of the activities is, or is likely to be, of a persistent or continuing nature and is, or is likely to be, such as to make the activities unreasonable.

Following consultation and consideration, the council is satisfied that the restrictions imposed by this Order are justified.


a. Drinking alcohol within the designated PSPO area is prohibited: no person shall consume alcohol or anything which a constable or other authorised person reasonably believes to be alcohol. In this Order “authorised person” means a person who has been authorised by Wiltshire Police or the council

b. A constable or other authorised person may require any other person to surrender anything in the perpetrator’s possession which is, or which the constable or other authorised person reasonably believes to be alcohol, or a container for alcohol.

Neither conditions

3(a) or 3(b) above shall apply to
(i) an event for which Wiltshire council has issued a licence to serve alcohol  
(ii) an unlicensed event where prior written permission to serve alcohol has been given by Wiltshire Police to the organisers.
No person shall urinate or defecate in public in the designated area. For the purposes of this Order, this would not include a public toilet.

Fixed penalty notices.

  • It is an offence for a person without reasonable excuse to do anything the person is prohibited from doing by the Order
  • Or to fail to comply with a requirement to which s/he is subject under the Order

Wiltshire council hereby provides for the issuing of fixed penalty notices (FPNs) to those in breach of the Order. Under these notices, the fine will be

  • £100 and failure to pay them will entitle the council to prosecute
  • On summary conviction, the court may impose a fine not exceeding level 3 on the Standard Scale (i.e. currently £1,000)

During normal business hours:
Wiltshire Council Legal Services,
County Hall,
Bythesea Road,
BA14 8JN

Telephone Mr. Gale on 01225 718023

Quote reference 104435

Arrange an appointment in advance.


After the expiry of three years from the date on which it was made. It is intended that before the expiry of the Order, the council will review it and consider whether an extension of it is appropriate.

Wiltshire council (PUBLIC SPACES PROTECTION ODER (NO.1) 2016

The common seal of the Wiltshire council was hereunto affixed this 23rd day of January 2017 in the presence of:-


The Order relates to the following streets:

  •  Acorn Meadow
  •  Adcroft Drive
  •  Adcroft Street
  •  Aldeburgh Place
  •  Allen Road
  •  Alum Close
  •  Arch Yard
  •  Arnolds Hiill
  •  Ashleigh Grove
  •  Ashton Street
  •  Avenue Road
  •  Avonvale Road
  •  Azalea Drive
  •  Back Street
  •  Barnes Close
  •  Barton Lodge
  •  Bellefield Crescent
  •  Black Swan Court
  •  Blair Road
  •  Bond Street
  •  Bond Street Buildings
  •  Bradford Road
  •  Bradley Road
  •  Bramley Lane
  •  Brewers Baroque
  •  Brewery Walk
  •  Bridge Street
  •  British Row
  •  Broad Street
  •  Broadcloth Lane
  •  Broadcloth Lane East
  •  Brown Street
  •  Bryer Ash Business Park
  •  Bythesea Road
  •  Canal Road
  •  Carders Corner
  •  Castle Place Shopping Centre
  •  Castle Street
  •  Cavendish Drive
  •  Charles Drive
  •  Charlotte Court
  •  Charlotte Square
  •  Charlotte Street
  •  Cherry Gardens
  •  Cheviot Close
  •  Church Fields
  •  Church Lane
  •  Church Street
  •  Church Walk
  •  Clothier Leaze
  •  Conigre
  •  Conigre Square
  •  Corination Street
  •  County Way
  •  Court Street
  •  Cross Street
  •  Delamere Road
  •  Downhayes Road
  •  Drinkwater Court
  •  Duke Street
  •  Dursley Road
  •  Eastview Road
  •  Elmdale Court
  •  Elmdale Road
  •  Falcon Drive
  •  Fleece Cottages
  •  Fore Street
  •  Frampton Court
  •  Francis Street
  •  Frome Road
  •  Gainsborough Rise
  •  George Street
  •  Gladstone Road
  •  Glebe Road
  •  Gloucester Road
  •  Green Terrace
  •  Greenbank View
  •  Haden Road
  •  Hargreaves Road
  •  Havelock Street
  •  Henderson Close
  •  Heron Walk
  •  Hewitt Close
  •  Hill Street
  •  Hilperton Road
  •  Home Close
  •  Hummingbird Gardens
  •  Hungerford Avenue
  •  Hyde Road
  •  Innox Mill Close
  •  Innox Road
  •  Islington
  •  James Street
  •  Jenkins Street
  •  Keates Close
  •  Kensington Fields
  •  Kew Drive
  •  Kingswood Chase
  •  Lamb Ale Green
  •  Lambrok Close
  •  Lanbrok Road
  •  Langford Road
  •  Linden Place
  •  Longfield Road
  •  Longfield Road West
  •  Lower Court
  •  Lowmead
  •  Mallard Close
  •  Manley Close
  •  Manor Close
  •  Manor Road
  •  Manvers Street
  •  Market Street
  •  Melton Road
  •  Mill Street
  •  Millhand Villas
  •  Millington Drive
  •  Mortimer Street
  •  Murry Road
  •  Narrow Wine Street
  •  Newtown
  •  Norwood Court
  •  Oak Park
  •  Orchard Court
  •  Orchard Road
  •  Palmer Road
  •  Park Road
  •  Park Street
  •  Parklands
  •  Pearl Close
  •  Pitman Avenue
  •  Pitman Court
  •  Polebarn Circuss
  •  Polebarn Road
  •  Poplar Lane
  •  Prospect Place
  •  Queens Road
  •  Quilling Close
  •  Raleigh Court
  •  Red Hat Lane
  •  Regal Court
  •  Regents Place
  •  Richmond Close
  •  Riverway
  •  Rock Road
  •  Roundstone Street
  •  Rutherford Court
  •  Ryeland Way
  •  Salter Close
  •  Sanders Road
  •  Sandford Park
  •  Seymour Court
  •  Seymour Road
  •  Shails Lane
  •  Shermans Street
  •  Sheepcote Barton
  •  Sheridan Gardens
  •  Silver Street
  •  Southway
  •  Spinner Croft
  •  St James Gardens
  •  St Johns Crescent
  •  St Margarets Close
  •  St Stephens Place
  •  St Thomas Passage
  •  St Thomas Road
  •  Stallard Street
  •  Stancomb Avenue
  •  Station Approach
  •  Summerleaze
  •  Surrey Place
  •  Talbot Road
  •  Taylors View
  •  The Down
  •  The Halve
  •  The Shires
  •  Timbrell Street
  •  Tower Close
  •  Town Bridge
  •  Union Street
  •  Upper Broad Street
  •  Upper Studley
  •  Ushers Court
  •  Warburton Close
  •  Waterford Beck
  •  Waterworks Road
  •  Weavers Drive
  •  Webbers Court
  •  Wesley Road
  •  West Street
  •  Westbourne Road
  •  Westcroft Street
  •  Westfield Close
  •  Westfield Road
  •  White Hart Yard
  •  Whiterow Park
  •  Wicker Hill
  •  Wingfield Road
  •  Woolpack Meadows
  •  Worsted Close
  •  Yarn Terrace
  •  Yerbury Street
  •  York Buildings

Trowbridge PSPO Map

Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) covers the section within the area of the red line on the map.

PSPO orders

Calne PDF (160kb)
Calne PDF (921kb)
Chippenham PDF (281kb)
Chippenham PDF (1.1mb)
Devizes PDF (131kb)
Devizes PDF (207kb)
Durrington PDF (269kb)
Durrington PDF (872kb)
Malmesbury PDF (78kb)
Malmesbury PDF (652kb)
Salisbury PDF (58kb)
Warminster PDF (61kb)
Warminster PDF (3mb)

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