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Safe places

The aim of the safe places project is to establish safe places across Wiltshire that provides a safe environment for people who may require some additional support when out and about in the community.


Safe places are there to be used when people may feel in need of a little extra help or support for various reasons; for example, during times of anxiety, fear or distress.


Businesses and organisations who are part of the safe places project will display an A5 size round safe place sticker in their window to alert people that they are a ‘safe place’. 
You can see the safe place image lower down this page.


People can choose to carry an ICE card (In case of emergency), which they can show when they use a safe place in order to obtain the support they require.
These ICE cards are available through the safe places scheme and can be obtained from members of the steering group and local libraries.

People can also choose to show other emergency and support cards where appropriate, for example, dementia help cards.


When a person uses a safe place they will be:

  • Listened to
  • Reassured
  • Supported
  • Offered time and a safe place to wait

For information on where safe place schemes are operational around the county or to enquire about setting up safe places in your area, please contact the Safe Places Implementation Steering Group:

  • Anne Trevett (South Wilts Mencap) Implementation Steering Group member anneanntrvtt@aol.com  01722 326261
  • Susie Morgans (Salisbury Independent South Advocacy Group) Implementation Steering Group member sisagoffice@googlemail.com 07745218696

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Last updated: 25 January 2018 | Last reviewed: 25 January 2018