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Treasury Solicitor

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On occasions, the council is required to arrange the funerals of persons where no relatives can be found or no-one is willing to arrange the funeral.

Where the estate of the deceased is worth more than £500 the treasury solicitor takes responsibility for winding up the estate.

This table lists the instances in the county where the council has become involved.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Last known address Passed to treasury solicitor?
William Beesley 14.01.1946 28.01.2014 Salisbury No
David Edward Jones 02.11.1947 11.02.2014 Shrewton No
Graham Michael Freeman 04.02.1954 13.02.2014 Westbury No
John Leonard Biddle 02.07.1946 15.03.2014 Amesbury No
Paul Victor Ronald Langton 22.07.1951 26.03.2014 Horningsham No
John Wilson 03.05.1948 09.05.2014 Westbury No
Peter John Lewis 31.03.1952 28.05.2014 Manningford Bruce No
Philip Edward Cooke 19.01.1967 15.07.2014 West Lavington No
John Christopher Wilkes 11.01.1948 19.07.2014 Melksham No
Josephine Mazula 10.10.1963 10.10.2014 Trowbridge No
Doris Thompson 07.11.1915 08.11.2014 Rowde Yes

Information on this page is updated regularly, but information on an individual is not published until at least three months after their death.

If you believe you may have an interest in the estate or for further information please contact the treasury solicitor on 020 7210 4700 or visit their website

Frequently asked questions by heir hunters

Wiltshire Council Public Protection Services are frequently asked to provide the same information repetitively in response to Freedom Of Information Requests from heir hunters. The information provided in these frequently asked questions is made available in order to provide an efficient and rapid means by which individuals may access this information. Anyone making an FOI covered by our FAQs will be referred to this information.

Which business directory does the council use when searching for suppliers? We use suppliers approved by the council’s procurement team. With regard to procuring services contracts are advertised on: The South West Portal
Does a company need to have a listing in the particular business directory in order for the council to consider the company as a potential supplier? Companies should register with The South West Portal
What is the procedure in setting up a business contract with the council? This would be covered as part of a procurement process. An invitation to quote or tender is published depending on the value of the contract. (High value contracts are also advertised in the Official Journal of the European Community). All relevant documents would be included. Wiltshire Council Procurement Strategy
Which funeral director does the council use? What is the reasoning for using this particular funeral director? The Council currently uses a consortium of 3 funeral directors who successfully bid for this work through the above mentioned process.

What is the name of the firm, company and/or individual used by the council, in order to help find missing or unknown family members?

Is there a contract with this firm, company and/or individual? What is the reasoning for using this particular firm, company and/or individual?

We do not currently use an external service to do this and currently have no plans to do so.
When there is a council funeral taking place, if the council does not use a solicitor firm or company, who is responsible for finding missing or unknown family members? The member of the Environmental Control & Protection Team who covers the district the deceased person died in.
Within the council who refers information to the Duchy of Cornwall, Duchy of Lancaster, Ultimus Haeres, QLTR, Farrer & Co and/or Treasury Solicitor and/or Bona Vacantia? Please provide name and contact details. The member of the Environmental Control & Protection Team who covers the district the deceased person died in.
Which hospitals refer deaths to the council in which a public health funeral is necessary? None
What are the contact details of the person (within the hospital) who refers these deaths to the council? We do not hold these details
Within the last 12 months, how many referrals has the council made to either the Duchy of Cornwall, Duchy of Lancaster, Ultimus Haeres, QLTR, Farrer & Co and/or Treasury Solicitor (or Bona Vacantia)?

Information with regard to recent funerals conducted under the Public Health provisions are published above.

All estates of a value of £500 or more are referred to the Treasury Solicitor in accordance with their guidance

Of the cases that have been referred (to the above mentioned bodies), please provide:

• Date of referral made to any of the above mentioned bodies

• Reason for not referring to the above mentioned bodies

• The name of the deceased

• Date of death

• Last known address

• Place of death

• Date of birth

• Have family members and/or next of kin been contacted?

• Who contacted their family members and/or next of kin? (name and contact details)

The cases which have been referred to the Treasury solicitor along with relevant information, where available are published and readily accessible on their website:

Unclaimed Estates List

Are these details published online? Please provide URL and name of website. See above table
Are obituaries published for these funerals, in order for friends and/or family members (who are not aware of the death) to attend the funeral? What is the name of the website/publication in which these obituaries are placed? No

Contact Details (LiveLink)

Multiple Contacts:
Telephone: 020 7210 4700
Out of hours:
Fax: 020 7210 3104
Postal Address:

Treasury Solicitor's Office (BV)
One Kemble Street

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