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Treasury Solicitor

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On occasions, the council is required to arrange the funerals of persons where no relatives can be found or no-one is willing to arrange the funeral.

Where the estate of the deceased is worth more than £500 the treasury solicitor takes responsibility for winding up the estate.

This table lists the instances in the county where the council has become involved.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Last known address Passed to treasury solicitor?
Robert Louis Andrews 28.01.1951 03.01.2013 Hilperton, Trowbridge No
Cyril Walter Wakeford 08.01.1935 09.01.2013 Corsham No
Roger Ian Brown 25.10.1953 14.01.2013 Barford St Martin No
James Bernard Lynch 13.03.1931 27.01.2013 Salisbury No
Leslie Ann Blackmore 08.03.1929 29.01.2013 Warminster No
June Dewar 24.07.1934 18.02.2013 Calne No
Richard James Ryle 12.03.1947 22.02.2013 Melksham No
Ann Everitt Cutter 30.06.1937 27.02.2013 Calne No
David Alexander Scott Brown 15.03.1977 15.03.2013 Devizes No
Kathleen Brown 09.06.1921 16.03.2013 Salisbury Yes
Jean Cunningham 29.05.1939 27.03.2013 Warminster No
Shirley Ann Tookey 28.03.1943 28.03.2013 Trowbridge No
Brian John Pert 05.02.1955 06.04.2013 Salisbury No
Clive Henry Curryer 03.02.1946 10.04.2013 Devizes No
Davey Mark Peckett 15.11.1968 15.04.2013 Salisbury No
David Arthur Waring 09.10.1944 19.05.2013 Melksham No
Jacek Samotyja 23.10.1971 27.05.2013 Salisbury No
Leslie Healey 08.07.1924 29.05.2013 Newbury No
Joseph Patrick Cowley 01.05.1972 09.06.2013 Trowbridge No
Colin Hughes 08.04.1970 11.06.2013 Salisbury No
Frank Laird 07.07.1938 22.07.2013 Salisbury Yes
Joseph Paul Hughes 04.05.1948 18.08.2013 Lydiard Millicent No
Richard John Newbury 18.04.1952 15.09.2013 Durrington No
Gary Michael Timmins 14.08.1963 05.12.2013 Westbury No
Karen Rose 13.02.1952 12.12.2013 Devizes No
Edyta Dabek 24.09.1976 17.12.2013 Trowbridge No
John Briers 13.10.1940 17.12.2013 Salisbury No
William Beesley 14.01.1946 28.01.2014 Salisbury No
David Edward Jones 02.11.1947 11.02.2014 Shrewton No
Graham Michael Freeman 04.02.1954 13.02.2014 Westbury No
John Leonard Biddle 02.07.1946 15.03.2014 Amesbury No
Paul Victor Ronald Langton 22.07.1951 26.03.2014 Horningsham No
John Wilson 03.05.1948 09.05.2014 Westbury No
Peter John Lewis 31.03.1952 28.05.2014 Manningford Bruce No

Information on this page is updated regularly, but information on an individual is not published until at least three months after their death.

If you believe you may have an interest in the estate or for further information please contact the treasury solicitor on 020 7210 4700 or visit their website

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