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Community campuses in Wiltshire

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Your community campus – how you can get involved

Wiltshire Council is working with local communities to develop exciting proposals for innovative community campuses across the county.

A community campus will deliver services which are more accessible, provide value for money, are tailored to local needs and more importantly, are influenced by local people and partners.

There are many opportunities to get involved in your local campus both through taking part in consultation events and volunteering to take a more active role in its development.

What are the benefits of a campus?

A campus is a building, or buildings, in a community area where people can access local services more easily and in ways that better suit their needs

The aim is to deliver more for local communities by making maximum and efficient use of council buildings – both new and old.

This will help by:

  • enabling people to have better access to services in their community area
  • providing space and support for small community groups
  • making public-owned buildings work hard for local communities and deliver more
  • enabling organisations such as the council and the police to work more effectively together.

Campuses could be made up of new or existing buildings and may also be used to provide partner services, such as – neighbourhood policing teams. One of the main ideas behind campuses is to create flexible space which can be used for a variety of purposes and by a variety of people or organisations.

The term campus is a working term and local communities can call their schemes by a name that they feel reflects the character and history of the local area.

You can find out the answers to the questions other people have asked about the campus.on our PDFFrequently asked questions frequently asked questions 104kb

Where are campuses going to be? What will be in a campus?

Community campuses will be developed with the help of local people to ensure each one is as individual as the community it serves. What a campus will look like, what services will be provided, or where it will go, will be community led and subject to extensive consultation with local people and partners.

All campus buildings will include a shared reception, community space, accessible community IT, clinical space, catering facilities and personal care facilities for disabled users. Other services, for example libraries, leisure centres and youth services, could potentially be included in a campus, along with facilities for individuals to meet with specialist services such as housing, revenues and benefits and any others that offer specific advice.

How can you get involved?

Local community involvement is critical to the success of each campus in ensuring they reflect the needs of these communities.

Community consultation and development of specific proposals for campus facilities will be taken forward by the local area boards.. Anyone wanting to know more should attend their local area board meetings, or visit the dedicated community campus webpage for their area:

Community involvement

People can also get more directly involved in the running of the campus programme.

Each campus is driven by a group of community representatives called a community operations board (COB). The COB works to a set of guidelines to help them to deliver the local campus.

This is set up by the local area board and there will be opportunities for people to volunteer to join the COB both as full members and as co-opted members who may help with a specific issue or project.

If you are interested in helping your local campus please contact the campus team by email on campusconsultation@wiltshire.gov.uk or telephone 01225 718350

Supporting documents

In February 2011 councillors approved a programme to deliver community campuses across the county and to develop and test alternative solutions to the management of public services. Background information to the project can be found in the following documents

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