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Pewsey community campus

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What is a campus?

Community campuses will be developed through input from local people ensuring each campus is as individual as the community it serves. They will provide the services communities need in one easy-to-access location – placing customers and their needs at the heart of future plans.

These campuses could be new buildings or greatly-improved and developed existing buildings. In other cases the proposal is to look at community-run leisure facilities which could be expanded to accommodate additional services or facilities.

The aim is to make maximum and efficient use of the council’s buildings - both new and existing – and create campuses that deliver more for local communities.

Pewsey Area Campus Team (Pewsey Shadow Community Operations Board)

At their meeting on 4 July 2011, the Pewsey Area Board confirmed the membership of the Pewsey Shadow COB (Pewsey Area Campus Team). Read more about PDFthe members and a summary of their experience the members and a summary of their experience. 135kb

The Shadow COB consists of area board and town/parish council representatives and members of the public to make sure it can act on behalf of and to represent the local community. You can read the minutes of their most recent meetings below. For minutes from previous meetings please email campusconsultation@wiltshire.gov.uk or telephone 01225 718350.

Pewsey area community campus given the go-ahead - 23 October 2012

The Pewsey Shadow COB developed a feasibility brief and worked alongside a design team to carry out an assessment of community campus proposals before presenting to cabinet for consideration on 23 October 2012.

Pewsey campus proposal summary

It is proposed that a split site campus, incorporating the newly provided library based ‘phase one’ campus and enhancements at Pewsey Leisure Centre site, will offer the most appropriate and sustainable campus for the community area. The following facilities and services would be enhanced and/or provided on the existing Pewsey Leisure Centre site:

  • Core specification (as set out in section 25) with the added proposal to develop a shared point of contact and co-located and shared facilities with Pewsey Vale School.
  • Refurbishment of Pewsey Leisure Centre to provide a long term sustainable leisure element within the campus, as previously approved by cabinet in December 2010.
  • Appropriate spaces for use by young people both through dedicated service provision and on an ad hoc basis
  • A variety of multi-purpose activity rooms (to provide additional space for other services such as learning disabilities and local community activities, as needs are identified)
  • Enhanced outdoor multi-purpose court area for school and community use.
  • Enhanced parking facilities for the campus as parking arrangements on site are currently inadequate.

Enhanced proposal

  • Includes an internal reconfiguration of the building to make it more efficient.
  • The addition of swimming facilities specifically for small children, which is lacking in the area.
  • The provision of a mobile campus to take services to other parts of the community area. This could be shared with other COB's and community areas.

Additional information

The Pewsey Shadow Community Opeartions Board are now preparing to enter the design phase of the campus project.

Design principles

The campus design should foster and encourage a sense of community ownership, engagement and pride whilst balancing the need for value for money.

Supporting documentation

Area board minutes

The report detailing the results of the initial consultation and working proposals for the provision of a community campus, along with some frequently asked questions, are available on the Pewsey Area Board pages.

Contact Details (LiveLink)

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eMail: campusconsultation@wiltshire.gov.uk
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