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Food safety information for businesses

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The pages in this system provide information targeted at businesses that sell, cook, manufacture or deliver food.

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Food Safety Fees

All Food Safety Fees are discretionary.

Income Type 2016-17 Financial Year
Food Safety Certificates  
Unfit food - voluntary surrender certificate (up to £1,000 value) £84.00
Unfit food - voluntary surrender certificate (£1,000 to £10,000) £88.00
Unfit food - voluntary surrender certificate (over £10,000) £112.00
Import Certificate (each) £43.00
Export Certificate (each) £83.00
Primary Authority Charge (initial 10 hours free) - per hour* £72.00

*A Primary Authority Partnership is a legally binding agreement between a local authority and a business that provides assured advice, ensures consistency of regulation and reduces duplication of inspections and paperwork across a range of services including food safety, food standards, trading standards andhealth and safety enforcement.


ERWIN (Everything Regulation, Whenever It’s Needed) is a one-stop web site for all Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Licensing and Fire Safety business [retail based] related information and guidance.

Last updated: 11 July 2016



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