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Public rights of way mapping

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Rights of way are defined routes which you can legally use to cross private land at any time.

The four types of routes shown on the map below are footpaths, bridleways, byways and restricted byways.

If you see a problem with any right of way, please report it using our online reporting form

In some cases the coloured lines (Wiltshire Council's mapping) will not exactly match the rights of way shown on the Ordnance Survey map underneath. This is because network changes are constantly being made and our mapping is updated more frequently than Ordnance Survey's. The coloured lines take prority.

Other routes are available for public use:


  • FootpathsFootpaths
  • BridlewaysBridleways
  • Restricted bywaysRestricted byways
  • BywaysByways

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Please note:

We update this map at the beginning of each month and whilst we try to make sure that the information is accurate, the map should not be regarded as the definitive map and must not be used as a true legal record.

For further information please contact us at rightsofway@wiltshire.gov.uk



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