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A legacy for Wiltshire

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A legacy for Wiltshire logoWhat is it?

2012 was a great year for Great Britain, it was also a great year for Wiltshire. Our communities came together and celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubliee, the Olympic games and followed the Olympic Torch relay as it came through the county visiting sixteen of our towns, we enjoyed the Festival of Celebration at Hudson’s Field. Hundreds of people attended local street parties, events, concerts and activities that were held across the county.

These events had a huge impact on our communities and the local economy. We anticipate that the real impact on tourism and visitors to Wiltshire will be seen in the coming year and beyond because of the promotion and publicity showcasing our county.

We have set up a Legacy Steering Board to make sure we continue building on the momentum from 2012 so that we create a real legacy for the future.

What are our goals?

We want to continue to build on the successful relationships that were made by creating a real legacy for our future

We will focus on:

  • keeping the economy invigorated
  • bringing communities together to deliver events and, activities,
  • getting more people more active through sport and leisure
  • increasing the access to arts and culture across the county

Who are we working with?

Strong and positive relationships have been set up between area boards, town and parish councils, partner organisations and local community groups.

How can you get involved?

During 2016 you can take part in a number of activities and event throughout Wiltshire. These include:

We welcome any ideas you may have and look forward to working with you and providing any support that may be needed.

We have provided a toolkit as a guide to organising public and community events in Wiltshire to help you:

Last updated: 11 January 2016



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