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Wiltshire Council spends c£350 million per annum on a range of goods and services to meet the needs of the residents of Wiltshire. The Strategic Procurement Hub provides specialist procurement resources working across the full commercial cycle including commissioning, procurement and contract management.

Procurement Strategy

The Corporate Procurement Strategy provides the framework for the council to obtain value and social capital from all of its bought in goods and services. The strategy focuses on the delivery of the following corporate and social goals:

To deliver these priorities the procurement strategy will be used to encourage the adoption of a mixed economy approach, evaluating on the basis of whole life costings and breaking down barriers to participate in council opportunities. Using transparent processes, the council will commit to meeting its obligation to ensure that all of our procurement activity addresses relevant social, economic and environmental standards.

Tender opportunities

Unless utilising established frameworks awarded by the council or professional buying partners such as Crown Commercial Services, we list all contract opportunities on our electronic tendering portal

On the portal you can:

Where appropriate, we also advertise these opportunities in the Official Journal of the European Union plus the national tender portal established to support SMEs

Expenditure and contracts Expenditure

All council expenditure for payments above £250 can be found on payments, salaries and expenses.

Contracts register

The contracts register is published on a quarterly basis.

Terms and conditions of contract

The precise terms and conditions of contract with the council may vary depending on the contract type, service, works or supply and will be reflected within the applicable tender or request for quote (RFQ).  The council has drawn up

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standard terms and conditions of contracts 319kb.

Insurance levels for suppliers

Within Wiltshire Council the insurance section use the following as a guide for levels of insurance required from suppliers:

Public Liability - £5m

Employers Liability - £5m

Professional Indemnity - £2m

While it is viewed that these levels are appropriate for the majority of contracts placed by the council, for lower value procurements, a more flexible risk based approach may be more appropriate. In particular, this will encourage more SMEs and 3rd sector organisations to carry out services for the council. The proposal is that for procurements less than £250,000, staff involved in procurement exercises should consider if these levels of insurance are appropriate for that particular contract. If it is felt that these levels could be reduced then this decision must be documented. During this process, it is possible that you seek advice either from the insurance or risk management sections. It should be noted that not having these insurance requirements should not preclude any suppliers from taking part in any procurement process. However, it is the duty of the person leading the procurement to ensure that the adequate level of insurance is in place prior to contract award.

Service Delegation and Community Right to Challenge

Wiltshire Council recognises that Parish/Town Councils and community groups may wish to run services that are currently delivered by the council locally. The council agreed its Delegation of Services to Town and Parish Councils and Funding of Delegated Services Policy at its Cabinet Meeting on 19th October 2010. There is also “The Community Right to Challenge” that was introduced by the Localism Act 2011. The Community Right to Challenge will let communities challenge to take over local services that they think they can run differently and better. The Community Right to Challenge came into effect on 27 June 2012. Please click on the link for further information on the way this works within Wiltshire Council.

Contact us

If you have questions relating to specific tenders or RFQ processes you should direct these through the tender portal. For other procurement queries, you can contact us by email procurementunit@wiltshire.gov.uk or write to us at

Strategic Procurement Hub
Wiltshire Council
County Hall
BA14 8JN

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eMail: procurementunit@wiltshire.gov.uk
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Strategic Procurement Hub
Wiltshire Council
County Hall
BA14 8JN

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