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Trade Union facility time

Wiltshire council has a recognition agreement in place with Unison, GMB and Unite.

The Recognition Agreement provides the three recognised unions with up to 60 days per month facility time.  Included in these 60 days is one council employee who is seconded in a full time Unison role, any other Unison staff (e.g. administrative positions) are provided by Unison and are not funded by the council.  The remaining facility days per month are available for use by council employee representatives from each of the three unions.  The number of facilities days used varies depending on the support that is required each month.

Apart from the secondee, the cost of this time comes from existing staffing budgets and is not an additional spend. It is estimated that Unite take 12 days per annum, the equivalent of 0.05 full time staff. There is no local GMB representative. The GMB employ a regional organiser who attends formal union negotiation meetings and who is the main contact for the small number of GMB members within the council.


The total cost of the trade union facility agreement in relation to the total pay bill for the council.

UnionFteCost% of total pay bill
Unison3.68 fte

Unite0.05 fte

Total3.73 fte

*Based on average salary of £25,092 per annum


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Last updated: 24 July 2019 | Last reviewed: 24 July 2019