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Wiltshire Assembly

The Wiltshire Assembly is the main place where hundreds of organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors and Wiltshire’s communities come together to decide how to ensure a bright future for the county.

The assembly meets twice a year for its conferences which are themed according to the current hot topic for Wiltshire. The conferences are hosted in different parts of the county each time and chaired by an independent chairman. The intention of the conferences is to link agendas of all member organisations and to inspire continuous working from within the thematic partnerships.

The assembly network is also kept up to date regularly on news about issues, trends and opportunities in the county, and sharing this widely to seek involvement and help project planning and decision-making.


The assembly aims to be effective for all of its members through a shared sense of purpose and ambition.
In particular:

  • Be linked closely with communities and organisations to stay in touch with what is going on across the county
  • Set out a 15 year vision describing the sort of place local people want Wiltshire to become, and the objectives for achieving the vision - detailed in the Wiltshire Community Plan 2011-2026
  • Challenge and encourage organisations and communities to take practical steps to make the plan come alive
  • Host inspiring and thought-provoking debates that inform future planning encourage action

If you do not normally receive an invitation to these events, but wish to be included on the contact list, please email events@wiltshire.gov.uk


Past conferences

The theme of this conference was ‘Living in a rural county – the challenges and the opportunities’

The assembly focussed on the social issues, the environment, economy and local communities of Wiltshire.

The objectives for this assembly were:

  • To set the context in relation to Wiltshire both today and looking to the future; its demographics, the changing environment and economic and social issues
  • To raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities of living in a rural county
  • To look at what more local communities can do for themselves
  • To encourage actions to manage the challenges and grasp the opportunities

Forty-one people pledged to support their community by organising a community activity or volunteering. Pledges were made by a variety of organisations in attendance including Let’s Loop Wiltshire, Age UK Wiltshire, Wiltshire Fire Service, Wiltshire Police, Pound Arts centre, town and parish councils and more.

Two films were shown during the assembly including the views of Wiltshire residents on what its like about living in a rural county, what they think are the challenges of living in a rural county and what makes Wiltshire’s communities special.

For further information about the Wiltshire Assembly and its outcomes, please email events@wiltshire.gov.uk.


The theme of this conference was child sexual exploitation, often referred to as CSE.

CSE is a form of child abuse. It occurs when a young person under the age of 18 is tricked, trapped, coerced or manipulated into participating in sexual activity in return for money, gifts or sometimes just a little attention.

The objectives for this conference were:

  • To raise awareness that protecting children and young people from CSE is everyone's business
  • To encourage a wide range of organisations to help raise awareness and as a result prevent CSE from taking place.
  • To encourage attendees to take the pledge to ‘achieve zero tolerance of CSE in Wiltshire’ and spread this message.

Ninety-six people signed the pledge to ‘achieve zero tolerance of CSE in Wiltshire’. 

As well as the Wiltshire pledge, there were fifty-six unique pledges made by a variety of organisations in attendance including Chippenham Street Pastors, housing associations, schools, the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, taxi companies, Sainsbury’s and many more.

For further information about the Wiltshire Assembly and its outcomes, please email events@wiltshire.gov.uk. 


This meeting focused on providing better care and support for older people in Wiltshire and to consider how we can work together to support older people and their families and understand the positive opportunities.

A joint presentation from the council and CCG included information on Wiltshire’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Better Care Plan. Active ageing, end of life and dementia were discussed with key considerations and strategies for the future. Healthwatch Wiltshire discussed how service users will be able to have a say on the care they receive.


More than 260 delegates from the military, Wiltshire council, the business community and partner agencies attended the Wiltshire Assembly at the Garrison Theatre in Tidworth to focus on the military presence in Wiltshire and the Military Civilian Integration Partnership (MCIP). The military theme was held as the county prepares for the army basing plans which will see an additional 4,000 service personnel settle in Wiltshire by 2019.

Brigadier Piers Hankinson, commander of 43 (Wessex) Brigade provided a military update and Wiltshire council leader Jane Scott talked about how Wiltshire was responding to the plans and the benefits of developments including the Defence Technical Training College in Lyneham. Speakers also included Recruit for Spouses, an independent social enterprise seeking to effect change by bridging the military and business communities, and the Tidworth mums group which was set up following our Wiltshire Voices project to reach people who may not always have their views heard. The event was also an opportunity for the chairman of the assembly John Bush to call for the re-signing of the Community Covenant which encourages local communities to support the service community and nurture understanding and awareness of issues affecting the Armed Forces.


Up to 30 young people joined regular assembly members for the event in July which was held in the atrium at County Hall, Trowbridge.

Delegates heard about the breadth of provision and opportunities available for employers to get involved and how together they could support Wiltshire's next generation to secure positive futures, reach their potential and contribute to our local economy as the counties future workforce.

Assembly members were encouraged to consider what positive action they could take as employers in respect of providing opportunities for young people to raise aspiration, develop vital employability skills and support them to attain and sustain their first employment.


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Last updated: 5 January 2017 | Last reviewed: 5 January 2017