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Community grants scheme

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Shortcuts for community grants scheme

If you are a community enthusiast, community or voluntary group or town or parish council looking to fund a community project in Wiltshire during 2016/17, then you may be eligible for a community area grant.

View all grants applied for across Wiltshire since April 2013.

Community area grants

  • Up to £5,000 available (more in exceptional cases) for your community project.
  • Funding linked to local priorities.
  • Simple online application process.
  • Up to and including £1000 available for small projects, where there will be no need for you to find matched funding.
  • Up to 50% of the total cost of a project, where the total cost is more than £1000.
  • Support for organisations making applications.
  • Signposting to other sources of funding.

Read our eligibility criteria in full PDFCommunity area grants criteria 2016/17 Community area grants criteria 2016/17 474kb


Funding is available to help provide facilities, equipment and projects that are important to the local community. These awards can really make a big difference in helping communities get schemes and projects started. The area boards wish to support the idea of volunteering and community involvement so have decided that community area grant funding should go to these groups.

Local priorities

You are encouraged to link your application to local priorities. To explore local priorities relating to your grant you should take a look at the webpage for the area board you are applying to. Documents you may wish to refer to include the community plan, area board priorities and the Joint Needs Assessment (JSA).

Town and parish council

Town and parish councils are encouraged to promote local community projects and support applications for funding. The area board will only consider applications from town and parish councils where the project cannot reasonably be expected to be funded from their precept.

How to apply

All applications must be completed online. If you need computer support to help you to complete the form you can find more information on the digital Inclusion page on Wiltshire Online.

The process

Applications will be considered at each area board meeting. For details of the next meeting for your area go to the relevant page for your Area board.

When you have submitted your application the Community Engagement Manager (CEM) will review it. They might refer it back to you for revision at this stage for you to re-submit.

When we have received the revised application, you will be sent notification that your application has been received.

Next, you will be informed via email which meeting your grant will be taken to for a decision. You will be invited to attend this meeting. It is a good idea to attend the meeting to support your application. The CEM will produce a report for the meeting that will be publicly available 5 days before the meeting on the area board website.

After the meeting you will receive notification via email about the decision. Successful applicants will then need to follow the online procedure in order to receive their funding.

If you have any questions or issues about the online application process, please contact your PDFCommunity Engagement Manager Community Engagement Manager 269kb.

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