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How to get involved

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The Area Board will work closely with the Town and Parish Councils and the Community Area Partnershp to make sure that everyone in the Community Area has an opportunity to voice their views and ideas.

Area Boards are not like old fashioned council meetings and there are going to be lots of opportunities for local people to get involved.

Meetings will take place about once every 8 weeks but in between these project groups and task groups, made up of local people and Wiltshire Council staff and Councillors, will work towards addressing local issues by identifying and implementing potential solutions.

The Area Board will operate a Community Area Network which will provide everybody in the Community Area with opportunities to be kept informed express their views and ideas and become involved in projects and groups that arise.  Please sign up to your Community Area Network by filling in our community areas contact form.

Who is involved in the Area Board

Area Boards will be made up of

  • unitary councillors - find out which councillors are on your area board
  • a cabinet member from Wiltshire Council
  • elected representatives from town and parish councils
  • Community Area Partnerships representatives
  • senior representatives from the Police, Fire and Heath services
  • representatives of young people in the community area
  • they may also include Housing associations, the armed services and other groups and organisations that are active in the area

If you live, work or go to school in Wiltshire, the Area Board in your area also includes you.  Your views and ideas are important in assessing problems and potential solutions and in deciding how council services should be delivered.

Contact Details (LiveLink)

Multiple Contacts:
eMail: areaboards@wiltshire.gov.uk
Out of hours:
Postal Address:
In Person:

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