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Kennet District Council election results - 3 May 2007

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Aldbourne (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Michael Andrew EdmondsIndependent311
Chris Humphries (elected)Conservative344
Frank JefferiesLabour63

Turnout: 51.2%

Ballot Papers Issued: 719

Electorate: 1,404

All Cannings (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Tony Molland (elected)Conservative461
Kate WallingLiberal Democrat1,998

Turnout: 42.8%

Ballot Papers Issued: 668

Electorate: 1,559

Bedwyn (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
David John WalkerLiberal Democrat270
Stella Marion Zweck (elected)Conservative364

Turnout: 44.0%

Ballot Papers Issued: 636

Electorate: 1,445

Bishops Cannings (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Tony Adamson (elected)Conservative270
Eric Alan ClarkIndependent202
Colin Robert HopgoodLabour22
Caroline WatersLiberal Democrat70

Turnout: 41.6%

Ballot Papers Issued: 566

Electorate: 1,361

Bromham & Rowde (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Philip Alfred Brown (elected) Conservative660
Ralph Andre Frederick Elia Liberal Democrat332
Janet Mary Giles (elected) Conservative734

Turnout: 40.2%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1035

Electorate: 2,573

Burbage (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Jacqueline WatsonLiberal Democrat179
Stuart John Kennedy Wheeler (elected)Conservative407

Turnout: 42.8%

Ballot Papers Issued: 591

Electorate: 1,380

Cheverell (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Christine Ann Cotton UK Independence Party258
Lionel Grundy (elected)Conservative412

Turnout: 49.4%

Ballot Papers Issued: 698

Electorate: 1,414

Collingbourne (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Charles Howard (elected)Conservative332
Michael Magee Liberal Democrat36
James Robinson Independent199

Turnout: 45.3%

Ballot Papers Issued: 567

Electorate: 1,252

Devizes East (3 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Patricia Baxter Labour282
Julian BeinhornConservative508
Tony Duck (elected)Devizes Guardians 706
Peter Evans (elected)Conservative563
Alistair Michael John Gagen Conservative324
Bridget SelwynLiberal Democrat260
John Charles Stott UK Independence Party148
Margaret Sheila Nancy Taylor Labour450
Noel WoolrychLabour269

Turnout: 34.2%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1376

Electorate: 4,021

Devizes North (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Sue Buxton Labour144
Nigel Denys Carter Devizes Guardians 245
Sue Evans (elected) Conservative298
Ernie GilesUK Independence Party136
Ian Richard Porter Hopkins Independent142
Don JonesLiberal Democrat211
Tim PriceLabour123
John Maurice RyanUK Independence Party75
Paula Mary Winchcombe (elected)Conservative351

Turnout: 37.3%

Ballot Papers Issued: 922

Electorate: 2,470

Devizes South (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Chris CallowLiberal Democrat207
Jeff Ody (elected)Devizes Guardians 440
Ray Parsons (elected)Conservative447
Ray Taylor Labour325
Jim ThorpeLabour207
Charles Stuart WinchcombeConservative429

Turnout: 44.6%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,126

Electorate: 2,524

Ludgershall (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Ken Beard (elected)Conservative405
Nicholas HolgateLiberal Democrat154
Deborah Anne HolmesUK Independence Party140
Tony Still UK Independence Party143
Chris Williams (elected) Conservative385

Turnout: 31.3%

Ballot Papers Issued: 736

Electorate: 2,352

Marlborough East (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Mike BirdUK Independence Party103
Peggy Ann Dow (elected)Liberal Democrat436
Edwina Jean Fogg (elected)Independent481
Marian Hannaford- DobsonConservative405
Paul Gregory HorsnallConservative285
John Alexander Kirk WilsonLiberal Democrat235

Turnout: 35.5%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,073

Electorate: 3,025

Marlborough West (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Bryan Derek CastleLiberal Democrat364
Stewart Dobson (elected)Conservative618
Nicholas Fogg (elected)Independent770
Richard John Pitts Liberal Democrat328
Stan RadnedgeConservative359
Anthony Richard Adrian SycamoreIndependent348

Turnout: 47.2%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,469

Electorate: 3,114

Milton Lilbourne (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
James Leonard Douglas Caldwell (elected)Conservative321
John Baxendale Cooke Independent188
Leonard Sydney DrewUK Independence Party57

Netheravon (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Ian Charles Duke Blair-PillingConservative349
Alan Stephen Wood (eledcted)UK Independence Party385

Turnout: 49.3%

Ballot Papers Issued: 741

Electorate: 1,502

Ogbourne (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Graham FrancisLiberal Democrat212
David Tudor Bryn Hunter (elected)Conservative345

Turnout: 41.3%

Ballot Papers Issued: 557

Electorate: 1,350

Pewsey Vale (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
David LeightonLiberal Democrat177
Judith Triggs (elected)Conservative417

Turnout: 42.3%

Ballot Papers Issued: 594

Electorate: 1,404

Potterne (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Clyde Patrick George Hoddinott (elected)Independent316
Alan Charles RankinLiberal Democrat168

Turnout: 39.2%

Ballot Papers Issued: 490

Electorate: 1,249

Ramsbury (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Frank Baydon BovingdonUK Independence Party201
Susan Mary Findlay (elected)Independent756
Brian John Twigger (elected)Conservative771

Turnout: 41.5%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,090

Electorate: 2,623

Roundway (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Geoff Brewer (elected)Conservative621
Katherine CallowLiberal Democrat420
Mark FellLiberal Democrat343
Christine Jenkins Labour135
Laura Evelyn Mayes (elected)Conservative589

Turnout: 36.6%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,152

Electorate: 3,149

Seend (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Bruce Wesley Cotton UK Independence Party104
Anthony Lake (elected)Conservative412

Turnout: 44.4%

Ballot Papers Issued: 534

Electorate: 1,204

Shalbourne (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Derek Evans Liberal Democrat163
Peter Newton Veasey (elected)Conservative449
Lincoln Vincent WilliamsUK Independence Party111

Turnout: 47.2%

Ballot Papers Issued: 727

Electorate: 1,539

The Lavingtons (2 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Mike BridgemanUK Independence Party339
Sharon CharityLabour249
Richard Elliott Gamble (elected)Conservative550
Wendy WatkissUK Independence Party276
Jerry Willmott (elected)Conservative480

Turnout: 41%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,063

Electorate: 2,593

Tidworth, Perham Down & Ludgershall South (3 seats)

CandidateParty Votes
Andrew Robert Connolly (elected)Conservative761
Steven Melville Dagger (elected)UK Independence Party692
Dottie HalfonConservative359
Stephen John Miles (elected)Conservative650

Turnout: 23.0%

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,174

Electorate: 5,096

Upavon (2008) (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Mike BridgemanUK Independence Party106
Judy D'Arcy Irvine (elected)Conservative218
Gary GordonLabour38
Fiona Clare Hornby Liberal Democrat87
Nicholas StedmanGreen27

Turnout: 31.4%

Ballot Papers Issued: 476

Electorate: 1,515

Urchfont (1 seat)

CandidateParty Votes
Steve Hamilton UK Independence Party331
Jonathon Seed (elected)Conservative415

Turnout: 52.4%

Ballot Papers Issued: 774

Electorate: 1,477

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