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There are lots of ways to speak up about decisions the council is making in your area

We are committed to the delivery of quality services and want you to be able to have your say on any issues which affect you.


Read consultations and tell us what you think

Public consultations are an important part of our development as your local authority. They provide us with necessary feedback on proposals for change or other new initiatives, helping us in the decision-making process.

Go to our consultations page to see the consultations that affect your area.

Your Councillor

Talk to your councillor

Councillors are voted for by local people. They are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the community about local services, like rubbish collection and leisure facilities, and agreeing budgets and Council Tax charges.

Go to the My Area page to find your local councillor

'Our Community Matters'

Talk to one another online

The 'Our Community Matters' sites have been set up to provide people with local interactive notice boards which everyone can use to highlight and discuss local news events and ideas.


Submit new petitions or participate in existing petitions

The council welcomes all petitions from anyone who lives, works or studies in Wiltshire or who uses the services provided by the council. We recognise that petitions are one way in which people can let us know their concerns, and are committed to responding to petitions.

View current petitions

Area Boards

Get involved with an area board

Area boards will give you the power to influence what Wiltshire Council does in your community area, and can help to make sure that decisions about local issues are made locally.

You can sign up now to your area board's community area network or report an issue in your community area

Go to the My Area page to find your area board.

Letters to the Editor

Write to the editor of Your Wiltshire Magazine

‘Your Wiltshire’ County Hall Trowbridge BA14 8JN

or email us

Download the latest edition of Your Wiltshire magazine

Planning Applications

Comment on planning applications near your home


Register to vote!

You may think you don’t want to vote now, but if an issue comes up that you want to have your say on, if you’re on the register you’ll have the chance to vote on it. Remember, registering to vote doesn’t mean you have to, it just means you can if you want to.

You're not automatically registered, and you have to renew your details every year. Find out who is eligible and how to make sure you're registered to vote.


We don't always get it right

If you would like to make a complaint, then you can do so by using our online complaints form. For further information on how to make a complaint please refer to our complaints procedure

Read more about our complaints procedure

You can also send us a compliment, suggestion or contact us about any council service, by using our customer contact form

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