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Strategies, policies and plans

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Business plan 2013 - 2017

Our business plan sets out how we intend to meet challenges whilst delivering our vision to create stronger, more resilient communities.

The Business Plan’s priorities are to:

  • protect those who are most vulnerable
  • boost the local economy; and,
  • bring communities together to enable and support them to do more for themselves

Over the next four years funding from central government will reduce by £22 million and with the predicted increase in service demands, combined with inflation, it will mean pressures of around another £100 million. As a result, the plan outlines how the council will work innovatively to realign £120m over the next four years to deliver its priorities.

The plan explains how, among other things, the council will invest in highway maintenance, create a campus opportunity in each community area, stimulate economic growth and provide opportunities for every child and young person to improve their attainment and achieve their full potential.

PDF downloads

For more detailed financial information see the PDF2011 financial plan Financial plan 2011–2015 10mb

Our business plan: the facts and figures

We have created a interactive system so you can see how we are perfoming against our targets in the business plan.

Our communications, marketing and culture

Our marketing strategy focuses on increasing public confidence, belief and trust in Wiltshire Council.  Everything we do should reflect that everybody does matter.

We propose to test new methods of communication to reach different audiences and maximise the impact.  Our communication channels will shift towards the use of new media as this method will be more cost effective, instant and targeted.

We need to promote our culture – the values that underpin what we do and make us an unique, modern organisation that embraces change.  An organisation that:

  • places its customers first
  • strengthens its communities
  • adopts a ‘can-do’ approach in everything it does.

Our success over the next few years will be largely dependent on how we do things; how we embrace change and the relationships and trust that we build.  We need to create a sense of pride in the council, which will, in turn, increase morale, satisfaction and motivation.  This will be reflected in the way we do things and how we talk to one another and to our customers and stakeholders.

The Wiltshire Council's performance page gives a rounded picture, covering performance against targets, progress on major programmes and information about the Council's workforce.

Forward plan of key decisions

The council is required to publish a Forward Plan of all Key Decisions, which will be updated each month, to be taken by the authority during the four-month period of the plan. The first plan began on 1 December, 2001. It is updated monthly and is available 14 days before the beginning of each month.

The Forward Plan shows details of all Key Decisions to be taken by the Council, Cabinet, and the Cabinet Members and by Officers under their delegated powers.

View the Forward plan of key decisions

If you have any comments or questions about the business plan pages, please email communications@wiltshire.gov.uk

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