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Wiltshire family of partnerships

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Wiltshire: Working in partnership

One of the main strengths of the public services in Wiltshire is the positive approach to partnership working between the voluntary and community sector, businesses and public agencies. The Wiltshire family of partnerships brings hundreds of these organisations from around the county together in the various groups that exist for formal meetings, projects and the twice-yearly conference of the Wiltshire Assembly.

Our motivations for working in this way are clear – we want to make strong connections between agencies to make the best use of money and resources, to deliver services that are fit for purpose and to better understand Wiltshire’s communities and individuals to support us in doing so.

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eMail: communitystrategy@wiltshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 01225 713152
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Postal Address: Policy, Performance and Partnership Team

Wiltshire Council
County Hall
BA14 8JN

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