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Country parks and open spaces

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Southwick County Park

Southwick Country Park’s entrance

In 1989 Wiltshire Council purchased an area of agricultural land to provide space for leisure. Located on the edge of Trowbridge, this 100 acre site has a distinct rural feel to it.

The area consists of several fields, each with its unique atmosphere. A series of paths link the fields, and a gravel circular path provides suitable access for wheelchair users. There is also a network of less formal paths that are mown through the rough grass.

This is a popular place for walking and it provides good opportunities for bird watching. The network of hedges, scrub and ditches offers both food and habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. Keep your eyes open for: woodpeckers searching for insects or buzzards soaring above the park, water voles and tadpoles swimming in the waters, or rabbits and the occasional deer grazing on the grass.

Volunteers get involved with a number of conservation activities in the country park, and regular work parties take place. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

There is a small picnic area and light refreshments can be purchased from Squirrels tea-room at Hope Nature Centre within the country park. The animals within the Hope Nature centre provide an added attraction for the family, where goats, alpacas, horses, rabbits and poultry can be seen.

Location: Southwick Country Park is situated south of Trowbridge town on the A361

Grid Reference: ST 842560 (entrance)

Parking: There is a car park at the main entrance on the A361

Cafe: The Hope Nature Centre, situated within the country park, has a cafe where light refreshments can be purchased. There is also a small animal centre in the Hope Nature Centre. Further information can be found at: www.hopenaturecentre.org.uk


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