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FoI disclosure log

This Disclosure Log has been published to provide access to our responses to requests made under the FoI legislation during the previous two years.

Should you wish to receive a copy of a response to a previous request please email foi@wiltshire.gov.uk quoting the reference number of the response you are interested in.

This list will be updated monthly allowing 20 working days to pass from receipt of the final request in the month in question.

Please note we retain details of requests for a period of two years from their closure date and are therefore unable to provide information about requests completed more than two years ago. For further information please refer to our Retention Schedule.

2018 Disclosure Log

June PDF (1.6mb)
July PDF (1.9mb)
August PDF (1.5mb)
September PDF (1.4mb)
October PDF (1.4mb)
November PDF (1.5mb)
December PDF (864kb)

2019 Disclosure Log

January PDF (1.9mb)
February PDF (2.2mb)
March PDF (2.5mb)
April PDF (1.6mb)
May PDF (1.5mb)
June PDF (1.5mb)
July PDF (2mb)
August PDF (1.5mb)
September PDF (2.4mb)
October PDF (3.2mb)
November PDF (3.1mb)
December PDF (2.4mb)

2020 Disclosure Log

January PDF (2.3mb)
February PDF (2.2mb)
March PDF (1.1mb)
April PDF (1.2mb)

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We regularly receive requests for information which we either do not hold or have made available elsewhere. Below is a list of such request and our response to them.

The council does not hold any information on the numbers of people applying to take the examination or details of pass and failure rates. Grammar Schools have administered the 11 plus examinations directly since 1995.


The council is required to licence activities involving animals. Detailed information, including public registers of licences, is available here.


There is a small collection of items formally held in the Members’ rooms at County Hall. These include various portraits and landscapes, as well as a stuffed Bustard in a stand. These are not on public display but are kept for artistic reasons. These have been valued for insurance purposes in the past with values individually not exceeding £1,500 per item. The total value of these items is not material, nor is there a benefit in obtaining updated valuations.

There are a small number of other art works in the Council including; a modern art piece (the Leaf) in Bourne Hill Salisbury, a newly commissioned giant painted Bustard held outside the Library in Trowbridge; various statues in parks and open spaces across the county. In addition there are various collections such as the Local Collections at Salisbury, the Savernake Collection, Arundell of Wardour collection amongst others. These items have been investigated and it is felt the cost of obtaining valuations far exceeds the benefit in all these cases.

The council has not sold any works of art since becoming a unitary authority in 2009.


Wiltshire council does not place clients in Bed and Breakfast type of accommodation. Where temporary accommodation is necessary we utilise other forms of accommodation.


A spread sheet containing the following business rate information can be downloaded below.

Property Reference Number (also known as Billing Authority Reference Number)

Current rateable value

Account holder name

Property address

The billing address (where different to the property address)

Whether a property is empty or occupied

Where there is an exemption on the account the start date it began

Where there is a relief on the account the date it was applied and the type of relief (e.g. charity)

Date of Occupation / Vacancy

Actual annual rates charged (in Pounds)

Property description

This file contains information up to 14 February 2020 and will be updated in May 2020.


Wiltshire Council does not make arrangements for the various Christmas light displays across the county. The individual City, Town or Parish Councils make the arrangements for Christmas light displays.  Contact details for the City, Town and Parish Councils.


The Council has not made any compulsory purchase orders since its creation in 2009.

The Returning Officer does not carry out the duties of his office on behalf of the local authority but in his own personal capacity. The Freedom of Information Act does not list persons appointed under the Representation of the People Act 1983 as public authorities. The Electoral Registration Officer, Returning Officer or any person appointed under the 1983 Act are not subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

Coroners are independent judicial officers. Coroners are not designated as public authorities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and their records are not subject to the information access regime of the Act.


Certain information regarding HMO's is publically available under the Housing Act 2004 and regulations made under it. To obtain information about HMO's please email Housingrenewal@wiltshire.gov.uk


Lists of private hire vehicles, hackney carriages and wheelchair accessible taxis can be found on this page of our website.


An up to date list of Wiltshire Maintained Schools can be found by following this link which is the governments find and compare tool.

You should search for 'Wiltshire' using the local authority button which will provide a full list of all schools in Wiltshire. The list can then be filtered by the type of school.  There are separate tabs for secondary and primary schools.


The council has not operated a 'Meals on Wheels' service since at least 2010. We hold no information on this type of service.


The council does not and has not operated any museums since its creation in 2009.


The figures are collated by financial year and include damage to property, injury, the councils and claimants legal costs where applicable.
2013/14 - 326 claims - total paid £91,459.70
2014/15 - 517 claims - total paid £149,208.35
2015/16 - 212 claims - total paid £55,140.05
2016/17 - 334 claims - total paid £84,377.26
2017/18 - 287 claims - total paid £157,238.56
2018/19 - 290 claims - total paid £79,910.67
2019/20 figures will be published when available


2017 – 5258 reported – 10484 repaired
2018 – 5528 reported – 11900 repaired
2019 – 4347 reported – 10929 repaired


Information about public health funerals is published on our website.


The amount the council spent on repairing roads since 2009/10:

2009/10  £11,069,763

2010/11  £12,745,005

2011/12  £11,748,722

2012/13  £13,381,187

2013/14  £15,503,873

2014/15  £20,361,445

2015/16  £27,266,350

2016/17  £19,713,254

2017/18  £17,640,944

2018/19  £20,328,867

The number of requests or complaints received asking for repairs to damaged road surfaces;

2017/18  5178

2018/19  4001


Wiltshire council does not provide a school meals service to its schools; each school has its own arrangements in place. Should you wish to contact individual schools for information about school meals a full list of schools can be found here: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/find-a-school-in-england


The council does not hold information on the recruitment or numbers of supply teachers. Individual schools are responsible for the employment of teachers.

Contact details for all schools in Wiltshire can be found here.


The council can confirm that none of the buildings within its housing portfolio are more than 5 storeys and none of these properties have aluminium composite cladding (ACM). We have reviewed all our buildings to ensure they have up to date fire risk assessments.


Wiltshire Council has worked closely with its partners in the Local Resilience Forum (LRF) on contingency planning to ensure we are prepared for a no-deal Brexit. We will continue to do so to provide our local communities with the reassurances they need, and will intensify this as the possibility of a no deal Brexit increases. Information on the preparations of individual members of the LRF is held by those organisations and for the LRF as a whole, including training exercises, by Wiltshire Police.

We have also been working with the Swindon and WiltshireLocal Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) to consider appropriate business support and to finalise an industrial strategy (Local Industrial Strategy) that shapes the future deployment of funding for skills, employment, growth and investment. We continue to provide feedback to government on the effectiveness of their guidance and support and on the implications for local farmers, businesses and residents. We will also work to make the most of some of the positive opportunities that Brexit offers the county.

The Council’s Strategic Risk Register is published with Cabinet papers every quarter and includes a composite risk for Brexit (see the example from July 2019) and notes any significant changes to our risk assessment. The Council maintains a full service risk register as well as a Brexit readiness assessment which is in place to support policy and plan development. This contains an assessment about our readiness as a council across a number of areas. The document will not be released ahead of Brexit as we rely on a frank assessment from our officers and to publicise it would cause prejudice to the effective conduct of public affairs. However, we intend to publish our assessments once Brexit has been completed.

In the meantime, the Council paper published in October 2018 continues to provide a good summary of the range of areas of work we have been undertaking to prepare for no deal.  

The amount of funding allocated to each council for Brexit preparations is available from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government. This includes funding announced earlier this year amounting to amounting to £105,000 last financial year and this financial year (with an additional 105k announced for Brexit preparations in August 2019). As additional work has taken place across the council within existing teams it is not possible to provide an itemised list of expenditure incurred. There are senior staff identified as leads for Brexit but no staff work specifically on Brexit preparations on a full time basis.


Under the 1965 Commons Registration Act, Wiltshire Council is the Commons Registration Authority for the County of Wiltshire. Wiltshire County Council originally drew up the registers of Common Land and Town and Village Greens, and Wiltshire Council is now responsible for:

  • Maintaining the register of common land.
  • Maintaining the register of town and village greens.
  • Dealing with applications to register new town and village greens.
  • Processing applications to amend the registers.

If you would like to view the register of common land or the register of town and village greens, you may do so free of charge at Wiltshire Council offices. The registers of common land and village greens are held by Wiltshire Council. They include a description of each registered common or green, including a map, details of land ownership and the particulars of any rights of common. For enquiries regarding the location of commons and greens and viewing the registers, please email highwayrecords@wiltshire.gov.uk.


Business Rates Data

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Business Rates Data 20200514

business rates data 14 May 2020

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Last updated: 26 June 2020 | Last reviewed: 26 June 2020