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Contract opportunities - doing business with the council

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Small and medium sized enterprises - SMEs

Wiltshire Council is committed to delivering locally the National Procurement Strategy, making our contracts more accessible to SMEs. We recognise the important contribution that small businesses can make to the delivery of public services and the vital role these businesses play in the national and local economy. We are committed to making the most of the benefits offered by them.

We are keen to stimulate a diverse and competitive market, and encourage SMEs and voluntary and community organisations, all of which can bring innovation and value for money.

Wiltshire Council advertises contract opportunities on the Buywiltshire portal where suppliers can view contract opportunities and register for free tender email alerts.

Doing business with the public sector

SMEs and Voluntary and Community sector Organisations (VCOs) can play an important role in helping deliver services to the local community by offering goods, services and works at better value for money than their larger competitors.

We have produced a guide to help local SMEs and VCOs understand how we makes procurement decisions and support their participation in appropriate buying and procurement activities.

For more information please read the guide PDF'How to do business with Wiltshire Council' How to do business with Wiltshire Council. 628kb

Last updated: 23 August 2013



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