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Economic regeneration

We aim to meet the needs and aspirations of our communities while mitigating the impact of future growth on the wider environment. To do this, the economy and enterprise provides a county-wide, integrated statutory land-use planning, economic regeneration and climate change service, to plan for the sustainable growth of Wiltshire.

The economy and enterprise directorate is responsible for delivering:

  • Economic development
  • Regeneration
  • Strategic planning
  • Climate change

Economic Regeneration has responsibility for the control, management and accountability of circa £200m of major development funding for capital and revenue projects.

The service sits within the Economic Development and Planning directorate whose purpose is to plan for the sustainable growth of Wiltshire, meeting the needs and aspirations of our communities whilst mitigating the impact of future growth on the wider environment, through the provision of a county-wide, integrated statutory land-use planning, economic regeneration and skills service.  Its goal is to ensure that Wiltshire’s communities remain sustainable and resilient. 

The economic development team creates the conditions to support economic growth across Wiltshire. The team is responsible for a range of functions surrounding regeneration; enterprise and Strategic Economic Programmes.

The economic development service will work together with business led strategic and local economic partnerships to provide a service that recognises and responds to the economic geography within Wiltshire as well as provide strategic capability.

The main focus/key initiatives are:

  • Economic strategy and delivery.
  • Proactive workspace strategy – relevant sites and premises available in suitable locations.
  • Inward Investment – invest in Wiltshire Council commercial property database.
  • Deliver skills that businesses need.
  • Improve higher education provision and graduate workforce.
  • Provide incubation, start-up and growth services to businesses.
  • Bespoke support for innovation.
  • Tourism marketing and development, tourist information centres.

The regeneration of Wiltshire’s communities is supported through a range of urban, rural and community regeneration programmes including:

The team also looks at more focused town centre regeneration initiatives including: Market Towns support, town centre Master planning, Key site development, Business Improvement Districts, One Public Estate programme, sustainable energy solutions and energy resilience, benchmarking, public realm, campus projects.

For some towns, Wiltshire council seeks to try and guide development and work with planning to guide development and growth. Masterplans are available for Trowbridge and Chippenham. An area framework has been developed for Corsham.


The team works through to support businesses across Wiltshire with the Local Enterprise Partnership. Some of the functions within enterprise are:

  • Strategic Economic Plan
  • Investment and business support
  • Premises and workspaces
  • Business start up
  • Property and employment land development
  • Military leavers
  • Economic assessment of planning applications
  • Economic research

Strategic bidding,
programme management,
funding compliance and accountable body functions for SWLEP,
Growth Deal,
Local Enterprise Partnership,
European Structural and Investment Funds,
rural development


Economic partnerships

The Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) is a locally owned partnership driven by strong business leadership, the third sector and the public sector. The SWLEP will drive local economic development and channel funding from Government to exactly where it is needed. Created across the country, LEPs put the Government’s localism agenda into practice.

Under the direction of John Mortimer, the SWLEP Board is focused on creating wealth, jobs and new business opportunities, whilst hastening the economic recovery. Based on their vision for 2026, there are five strategic objectives:

  • Skills and talent - enable an appropriately skilled and competitive workforce to achieve our growth ambitions
  • Transport infrastructure improvements - enable a well-connected, reliable and resilient transport system to support economic and planned development growth at key locations
  • Digital capability - deliver excellence in digital connectivity and cyber transformation to achieve business growth, innovative public services and influence societal change
  • Place shaping - deliver the infrastructure required to deliver our planned growth and regenerate our city and town centres, and improve our visitor and cultural offer
  • Business development - strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium sized businesses and attract a greater share of foreign and domestic investment into the area


Enterprise Wiltshire acts as the delivery board for the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership. The Enterprise Wiltshire Board is comprised of local businessmen and women, the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce, Jobcentre Plus, Wiltshire College, the Federation of Small Business and Wiltshire Council. Within Wiltshire, the headline targets of Enterprise Wiltshire are to create 8,000 new jobs and safeguard 6,000, whilst nurturing the business environment to further develop Wiltshire’s sectoral strengths and encourage business start-ups.

Enterprise Wiltshire is composed of five delivery groups, each with their own targets, website and chairperson:


Action for Wiltshire is the people, businesses and communities of Wiltshire working together to tackle the effects of the recession in the county and to prepare for the economic recovery. Action for Wiltshire is built on the principle of assisting those most affected by the recession, whilst building for a future with sustainability at its core.

Now moving into the second phase of the programme, Action for Wiltshire has been extended to deal with continuing issues such as re-skilling, business loans, personal debt, long term unemployment and help and advice for those experiencing difficulty.

The programme is strongly linked with the existing county partnerships in Wiltshire and the key areas of focus are:

  • Supporting Wiltshire businesses and economy
  • Supporting Wiltshire’s children and young people
  • Ensuring Wiltshire’s natural environment is supported
  • Supporting community well-being and resilience

The programme board itself reports to the Wiltshire Assembly, whilst Enterprise Wiltshire is responsible for  planning and managing the second phase of the programme.


Frameworks and masterplans

In 2013 Wiltshire Council commissioned a consultant team to prepare a sustainable strategic framework and masterplan for the regeneration of central Chippenham to attract and channel new investment into the town centre. The aim of this document is to show how development could occur and be delivered.

The masterplan is based on an analysis of how the wider region, Chippenham and its town centre are performing, with regards to planning for housing and employment growth. It sets out guidance and ideas on how to improve the town centre and the surrounding area based on further analysis, stakeholder consultation and the strategic framework. The analysis is based on a range of national and local documents, for example the draft Wiltshire core strategy and baseline evidence documents produced by Chippenham Vision.The masterplan also provides further detail on development guidance set out in Core Policy 9 of the draft Core Strategy ‘Chippenham Central Area of Opportunity’.

Some of the key ideas to encourage coherent regeneration and investment are:

  • Emphasise role as a riverside market town
  • Build on natural assets such as the river and connecting features such as the market, historic centre, parks, eateries and leisure facilities.
  • Encouraging young people to stay in Chippenham through education facilities, employment choices and access to leisure and housing.
  • Strengthening role as a business location, building on its excellent road and rail links

Background documents are available at http://www.thechippenhamvision.co.uk


In 2015, Wiltshire Council instructed Arup and Cushman and Wakefield to create an area framework for Corsham. Much has been done through the wider working groups for the Neighbourhood Plan; Public Realm Strategy; and the railway station. A steering group was formed to inform the process and provide critical review.
The framework aims to:

  • Set out a long term vision to the shape the nature of future growth and development
  • Support the continuation of natural correlation of place and activity in the Corsham community area.

The proposals were broken down into three key areas, based on the different character of spaces and desired vision for them. The key areas addressed were greater Corsham – the wider community area, central Corsham – town centre and West Corsham (MOD and academic uses).

Greater Corsham proposals seek to:
- Protect the integrity and character of the villages through encouraging the use of brownfield sites and limiting infill development
- Promote sustainable transport to encourage active lifestyles and reduce congestion
- Proposals include:

  • Strategic infrastructure connections to promote a shift to more sustainable modes of travel that encourage active lifestyles and reduce congestion; 
  • the ‘Corsham Link’ a walking and cycling link connecting the town centre with Hartham Park, West Corsham and the site for a new railway station;
  • examining options for the provision of access and supporting infrastructure for a new station.

Central Corsham proposals centre around a plan to:
Redefine the town as a distinct place and to facilitate growth that integrates with the existing community and strengthens the economic performance of the town centre.
The proposals include:

  • To a concept for a remodelled town centre exploring redevelopment opportunities at Newlands Road;
  • Sustainable growth to the south of the railway line with strong pedestrian connections to the town centre;
  • A package of enhancements to improve legibility, wayfinding and create a strong identity for the town centre
  • Review the opportunity for a new hotel examining potential sites and wider redevelopment aspirations.

West Corsham
- Create an identity for the area as a living, working and learning environment.
- The proposals and initiatives for ‘West Corsham’ include: 

  • A Development Framework outlining the potential for development and enhancing social infrastructure with an emphasis on transforming the roads between facilities and places into ‘streets’;
  • A package of environmental enhancement measures linked to redevelopment and site remodelling opportunities.

In 2014, a masterplan for Trowbridge was published to direct and influence change within the study area in a cohesive, positive and proactive manner. As a template for change and growth, the Masterplan will be used to inform planning decisions made within and affecting the Masterplan area. It will act as a tool to direct investment and market the considerable opportunities available in the town. This document is aimed at the developers and landowners in Trowbridge, the wider community within the town and further afield.

Overseen by Transforming Trowbridge, a public and private sector partnership, the Masterplan for Trowbridge combines the various urban strategies into a unified proposal to deliver the objectives of The Vision:

  • Making use and restoring the towns key assets such as the river, park, canal and historic buildings. Using public space as the focus for revitalised civic activity.
  • Creating safe and convenient pedestrian access for all through establishing walking routes
  • Realising opportunities to diversity the towns economy and provide facilities and services that make Trowbridge a great place to live work and visit.
  • Increasing the towns retail offer through retail, food and dining establishments, sports and cultural activities and reasons for those to visit the town.
  • Ensuring the people's park remains a central focus of the town.

Futher information is available at http://www.transformingtrowbridge.co.uk.


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