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Police and Crime Commissioner Election

7 May 2020

The UK Government has postponed the elections scheduled for 7 May 2020 due to the current and emerging situation around COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

What is the process for the PCC election?

Voters in 41 police force areas in England and Wales (excluding London) will be electing a Police and Crime Commissioner for their force area on Thursday 7 May 2020. 

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are elected representatives who oversee how crime is tackled in a police force area. Their aim is to cut crime and to ensure the police force is effective. They are elected for a four year term. 

Further information about the role is available from the Wiltshire Wiltshire PCC website or the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

Wiltshire Council is the lead authority, or PARO - Police Area Returning Officer - for the Wiltshire and Swindon police area. 

This election use the Supplementary Voting system where voters are able to choose a first preference and a second preference candidate. 

When the first preference votes have been counted, if no candidate has an overall majority (more than 50%) the second preference votes for the top two candidates are then counted. First preference and second preference votes for these two candidates are then added together, and the candidate with the highest total wins the election. 

Once all the results are collated, the Police Area Returning Officer for Wiltshire will declare who is elected as PCC for Wiltshire and this web page will be updated. 

Candidates and Agents

For candidate and agent queries relating to the PCC elections, please email elections@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Where will your polling station be?

Your polling station location will be found on your polling card, which will be posted to you nearer the date of the election 

You will also be able to type your postcode into the online polling station finder.

Do you need your poll card to vote?

Although it helps speed up the process at the polling station if you bring your poll card to vote, you don't actually need it. 

How can I vote?

  • The last day to register to vote for this election is Tuesday 21 April 2020
  • The deadline to register for a postal vote is 5pm on Wednesday 22 April 2020
  • The deadline to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf is 5pm on Wednesday 29 April 2020
  • Applications to vote by emergency proxy may be made if a person learns they cannot go to the polling station because of their occupation, service or employment, or a medical condition, illness or disability arises after 5pm on Wednesday 7 May 2020. The application must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the address shown below by 5pm on the date of the poll.

    Wiltshire Council
    Electoral Services
    County Hall
    Bythesea Road
    BA14 8JN

Who is eligible to vote?

To vote in a PCC election you must:

  • be registered to vote
  • be 18 or over on the day of the election (‘polling day’)
  • be a British, Irish, Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • be resident at an address in England or Wales (excluding London)
  • not be legally excluded from voting

For more information please visit the Government's website. 

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Last updated: 17 March 2020 | Last reviewed: 17 March 2020