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Planning consultations

Environmental protection advice for pre-planning applications

Environmental protection advice provides technical and regulatory guidance to assist applicants, developers, and planning agents on specific environmental health issues when seeking advice at a pre-planning application stage. It aims to achieve sustainable development in compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework.

The guidance covered by this service includes:

  • Noise
  • Air quality
  • Contaminated land
  • Odour

If enquiries relate to food businesses more information on these specific issues can be found on the food safety and standards pages.

Refer to the licences and permits pages for information on licenses.

The aim of this advice is to help applicants prepare a fully developed planning application and get it right first time around. The main benefits of this advice include:

  • Saving time and money in the long run
  • Provide information to support the final planning application
  • Help identify and address relevant issues associated with the planning proposal
  • Reduce the need for future regulatory action if the application is approved
  • Identify any mitigation required

The type of advice offered will vary depending on the nature and potential impact of the proposed development, but may include:

  • Noise – potential adverse effects due to noise during both the construction and operational phases and advice on assessment methodologies.
  • Air quality – effects on local air quality and the impact of the development on any Local Air Quality Management Areas (LAQMs) for construction and operational phases.
  • Contaminated land – advice on the measures needed to demonstrate a site is suitable for development and comments on consultant reports or sampling methodologies.
  • Odour – effects of odours and potential nuisance assessments and identification of affected premises

The Institute of Lighting Professionals has produced “Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Obtrusive Light” which may be accessed free of charge via their website.

Service Level
Level 1
Pre-application advice 
Applicants who wish to scope out a project and obtain early advice. If a formal pre-planning application is to be made, the applicant will be advised if any relevant constraints (e.g. noise, air quality, contaminated land or odour) apply to a proposed development site. Advice will be tailored in respect to the proposal. 

£174 including VAT
Level 2

Review of proposed sampling /monitoring methodology & provision of Environmental Protection (EP) advice*

  • Review of proposed sampling/monitoring methodology (e.g. noise monitoring locations, soil sampling strategy) including reference to technical standards and guidance
  • Meeting/telephone discussion (up to one hour with case officer) 
  • Written confirmation from EP consultee with opinion and recommendations for further work if appropriate 
£240 including VAT
Level 3

Full appraisal of assessment report and provision of EP advice*

  • Full appraisal of a consultant’s assessment report (e.g. air quality, contaminated land, acoustic)
  • Meeting/telephone discussion (up to 2 hours with case officer) 
  • Written advice from EP advisor with comments and recommendations for further work if appropriate 
£360 including VAT
Additional Options
Site visits (per hour) 
£80 plus  VAT


*Additional fees may apply for review of multiple sampling/monitoring proposals, the appraisal of reports across different disciplines (e.g. both air quality and noise), and/or for development proposals involving very complex and/or lengthy monitoring/investigations. The case officer will confirm in such circumstances and provide a quote for the specific project.

*The case officer time allocated to meetings/telephone calls is the maximum allocated within the option category and not likely to be exceeded in the majority of cases. In the unlikely event this is not sufficient the case officer will confirm the fee for any additional time.


Pre- planning application Environmental Protection Advice can be accessed via the council’s website on both the planning pre-application page or the planning consultation section of the environmental protection page.

Alternatively contact may be made by phone on 01225 770556.
Confirmation of the level of service must to be completed at the time of payment by credit or debit card.
Within three working days of receiving your request you will be contacted by an officer from the public protection team. They will confirm the following:

  • receipt of your request
  • that either the correct fee has been paid or if payment has not been submitted what the relevant fee is
  • if any further information is required 
  • the name and contact details of the case officer who will be dealing with your request

The target dates for responding to requests for advice are shown below.

Service Level
Response time
Level 1
14 days
Level 2
21 days
Level 3
30 days

  • All fees include VAT which will be charged at the applicable rate
  • Fees must be paid on submission of the request for Environmental Protection Advice either by credit/debit card or by cheque (made payable to Wiltshire Council) 
  • Wiltshire Council reserves the right to amend the advertised fees and charges at any time
  • Where a fee has been paid for Environmental Protection Advice but necessary additional information is not received by the council within one month of the request, the fee will be returned minus £35 to cover administrative costs
  • Wiltshire Council complies with the General Data Protection Regulations and will not release any personal information to third parties 
  • The council is subject to Freedom of Information (FOI) and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR). If a request is received we will process it in accordance with the legislation whilst taking reasonable steps to ask for the views of those who have supplied us with information
  • Advice given by Wiltshire Council officers in connection with the planning process is given in good faith and does not indicate a formal decision by the council as Local Planning Authority (LPA) and with regard to land contamination the information provided cannot be taken as a guarantee that the site in question or adjoining land is free from contamination. The council cannot accept any responsibility should this be the case and the principle of caveat emptor must apply.

Any advice represents officers’ informal opinion based upon the information provided. It is given without prejudice to any decision the council may make or any subsequent formal planning application. In particular any subsequent planning application will be subject to publicity and consultation in accordance with the council’s procedures which may bring to light additional issues, and as you are aware, advice offered is based on the planning policies that apply at the time advice is given.


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