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Weights and measures

Enforce legislation relating to weights and measures.

We provide free independent and professional advice and information to consumers and trade and industry about goods and services.

Make sure that special emphasis is given to the surveillance of goods and services originating within the Wiltshire area.

We also provide advice and assistance to all Wiltshire-based businesses.

Trading standardsFees 2016/17
File search fees
Weights and meaures Act 1985
Sections 74, 76, 77 and 78
All stampings and verifications other than listed elsewhere are to be charged at a rate of £59.60 per hour (including travel time). If support staff are required to effectively complete the visit, an additional charge of £35.87 per hour will be made.
Measuring instruments for liquid fuel and lubricants
First nozzle tested per site£137
Each additional nozzle tested £55
Equipment submitted under the Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regs (VAT not charged)per hour including travel time
%59.60 per hour including travel time

All fees include VAT


Wiltshire Council's Trading Standards Service works in partnership with Citizens Advice Consumer Service to provide free impartial consumer advice.

Citizens Advice Consumer Service is a telephone and online consumer advice service, supported by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Citizens Advice Consumer Service provides clear, practical advice to help consumers sort out problems and disagreements with suppliers of goods or services.

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service telephone service currently operates in Scotland, Wales and most English regions. It will become operational in other regions in the future and will ultimately become a national service.

To contact an adviser, call 03454 04 05 06, or for online advice and information, visit Citizens Advice Consumer Service


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Last updated: 18 January 2017 | Last reviewed: 18 January 2017