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Equality Analysis

Downloads - Equality Analysis 

Equality analysis is a systematic and thorough way of finding out whether a policy or service affects different groups of people in different ways. It is part of the normal policy making / policy review and political decision making process.

Carrying out equality analysis helps us to identify and reduce the potential for discrimination of all kinds and provide services that are accessible to the residents of Wiltshire.

If there are any issues about the council’s equality analysis process or documentation that you would like to see please contact equalities@wiltshire.gov.uk


Key HR policies 

These EIA’s are currently subject to a programme of review

  • Equality and diversity policy and procedure 
  • Disciplinary policy and procedure
  • Improving work performance policy and procedure 
  • Behaviours Framework 
  • Absence management policy and procedure 
  • Recruitment and selection policy and procedure
  • Appeals policy and procedure 
  • Code of conduct policy and procedure

These EIA’s are available on request equalities@wiltshire.gov.uk :

  • Dignity at work policy and procedure 
  • Grievance policy and procedure
  • Maternity policy
  • Misuse of Alcohol, Drugs or Other Substances policy 
  • Purchase of annual leave
  • Carer support guidance
  • English Fluency guidance
  • Transgender guidance
  • Learning Loans

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Last updated: 22 March 2018 | Last reviewed: 22 March 2018