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Awards and achievements

Awards and Achievments

Wiltshire Family and Community Learning would like to celebrate the achievements and efforts of our learners and staff through the “Learner of the Month” and “Staff Compliment Award” as well as other celebrations throughout the year.

Learner of the Month



Suzanne is extremely motivated by her children, and eager to learn more to support them, and to achieve her goals of further education and working in a school. 

Suzanne is an active member of the group and an excellent role model e.g. asking for homework and modelling great parenting skills when involving her child in the different activities.

Monika (2)


Monika is a keen and enthusiastic learner, and a very valuable member of each group. She is friendly, welcoming and very supportive to others.  She shows great compassion and empathy for the needs of others. She goes the extra mile for others in the group

"Through the past few years Family Learning in Wiltshire gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in Maths and English. Now with the Level 2 qualifications, in both subjects, in my pocket, I am more confident in my employability.

The support from tutors is amazing, not only I have received support throughout the course, but also advice on next steps, useful links and interesting possibilities. Looking forward to more learning opportunities"

Louise Bye (5)


Louise has shown determination in completing her English Level 1 qualification this year.

Each week she built on her previous skills and her hard work, home learning and practising paid off when she achieved her qualification.

Louise has given excellent support to others in the group.  She is kind, considerate and thoughtful and shows great initiative and kindness towards her fellow students.

Alongside her studies, Louise gives back to the community and builds her skills by volunteering with a children's nursery and helping people with physical disabilities



Hannah was extremely nervous but she overcome her nerves and worked hard to complete her exam.
She has shown determination and resilience to overcome her classroom fears and is now a proud parent who consistently reaffirms the positive impact that adult learning can have.

"Without the support and advice the team have given me I would not be where I am today. Beaming with pride, confidence and the ability to support my children with their learning better. So a huge thank you to the team for all your time, hard work, support and devotion."

pizap com15500512209121


Julie was nominated as learner of the month for the great resilence she showed when taking her Level 2 Functional Skills reading exam. Her confidence in her own abilities faltered just before the exam,but she persevered and her hard work paid off as she passed with flying colours! As well as studying English and preparing for exams, Julie has also taken on two volunteering opportunities within the last two months. Julie is a kind and patient member of the group; she keeps in close contact with other learners so they can support and encourage each other during the week.

"I have shown myself that with a little help and an understanding tutor that I can achieve more in the future." Julie Godwin

Staff Compliment Award

Cara Williams Wiltshire Family Learning


Cara is very supportive of not just learners but of other Tutors and always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She has offered great advice to a new Tutor, helping her to settle in, who in turn has gained confidence and now feels part of the team.



Nicola worked quickly to find suitable support for her participant who was running out of food. She managed to find a food bank that is flexible to the participants needs and provided unlimited food parcels. Nicola had also prevented a crisis from occurring and supported in the participants wellbeing.

She also used her initiative to forward the information onto her fellow colleagues which coincidently helped another one of their participants gain food bank support. This also lead to a potential referral to come in from a volunteer who works there looking for employment and lead to effective networking.



As one of the newest members of the team, Juliet has really stepped up and kept things going while another member of the team has been away. Juliet has dealt with the work given to her with a smile, asking questions to ensure that she would do the best job she could.

Laura Trowbridge Wiltshire Family Learning


Laura has shown great strength recently alongside a positive and dedicated attitude towards her colleagues and her tutor role. She has provided excellent support for her learners and has gone the extra mile for one particular learner by setting up a reading programme which could last for anything from 9 months to several years.
This will in turn help that learner's mental health, family environment and progression in her learning.

Tree Anna  2


Anna has been nominated based on her exceptional attitude and performance in dealing with a crisis. Anna went above and beyond to make sure a participant was given the required support and to prevent an escalation that could have been detrimental to the participants welfare. In an area that we are not deemed as experts in, Anna provided a sensitive approach

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