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Dear Family Learning learners.  Let us know what you think of our service by registering and sharing your views.  

"The impact on families is demonstrated in more shared smiles and increased confidence to communicate with us at school, as well as a willingness to support their children.  closest to our hearts are the significant barriers that many parents have begun to de-construct themselves, bringing their families closer to success in education by stepping over the school threshold willingly and confidently, with a smile and greeting."

Jenny Hinder, Special need co-ordinator
St. Martin's school, Salisbury

  • ”I am amazed by my achievement; I didn’t think I’d ever get any qualifications.”
  • “I’ve gained so much confidence that I’m now keen to apply for work.”
  • ‘It’s been so worthwhile to get back to learning and have my daughter looked after too!’
  • “I’m now self-employed and certain that the confidence I gained from getting my English qualification led to me having my own dog walking business.” 
  • “Was great refreshing my maths.”
  • “I enjoyed learning and bettering myself.”
  • “Making new friends was great and the nice quiet learning environment.”
  • “Learning percentage, range, all that maths stuff - very helpful.

  • “I had a really good tutor - she has helped me improve so much.”
  • “I met new people, made friends, learned about new things and discussions . I liked lots of things.”
  • “I liked the way I was able to take my time with my learning.”
  • “Most of my colleagues are English, so I can learn with them as well and it helps my listening.”

  • “Enjoy to meet and learn together with many different people from different country.”
  • “Enjoyed learning English, meeting new people, enjoyed doing the group work and enjoyed sharing our experience.”
  • “I have enjoyed every minute on this course.”
  • “I enjoyed this class with my tutor. She always speaks clearly and makes it easy for me to understand.”
  • ‘I found out about more family learning courses, really useful!’
  • ‘I enjoyed sharing making a beanstalk with my son’
  • ‘I met the Parent Support Adviser. We took a wooden spoon puppet home!’‘……and it was great fun!’ 
  • “It helped me to learn what I can do more with my child.”
  • “Lots of information and sharing of tips that were really useful!”

If you have 5 GCSEs grades A to C (5 O Levels) this course may not be suitable for you. Please contact us if you require further details; we’d love to hear from you

Employed or Unemployed

Resident in the UK or EU for 3 years

Aged 19 or over (contact us regarding exceptions)

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Last updated: 29 June 2018 | Last reviewed: 29 June 2018