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Meet the team

Meet the Family Learning team

Rowena Prentice Wiltshire Family Learning

Rowena Prentice

After 10 years managing adult skills provision in the private sector, Rowena joined Wiltshire council as Manager of the Family Learning Team in March 2017. Rowena is focused on providing a high quality service which helps customers achieve success whilst also ensuring value for stakeholders and commissioners.

Lucinda Murray Wiltshire Family Learning

Lucinda Murray

Lu works in the Family Learning team as the Development Manager and works with partners and the team to support Wiltshire's families to get back into learning and work. She believes that family learning courses offer a catalyst to offer families a change for the better.

Jenny Ham Wiltshire Family Learning

Jenny Ham

Jenny has been a tutor with the Family Learning Team for over 10 years. She delivers a range of courses specialising in English and ESOL. She delivered and worked in South Africa at the International School for 4 years gaining valuable experience in teaching children and young adults from different cultural backgrounds.

She now works with groups once a week but primarily focuses on her new role as Internal Quality Assurer.

Catherine Holland Wiltshire Family Learning

Catherine Holland

Catherine is an experienced local government administrator and her role is to ensure that information is recorded accurately and is easy to find. She is the "one in the office" and happy to answer your queries regarding family learning courses.


Juliet Parkes

After working in property followed by several years in the health sector of dentistry, Juliet took sometime out to consider her future career options and pursue further education.

During this time and while she took courses in IT & Business Administration, she rediscovered her passion for learning and decided she wanted to try something entirely different. She joined the Family and Community Learning team in November 2018 as an apprentice business support officer. Juliet believes that education opens doors for all.

The Family Learning Tutors team can be contacted by telephone 01225 770478

Meet the Family Learning Tutors team

Andy Whiley Wiltshire Family Learning

Andrew Whiley

Andy studied education at the University of the West of England and has taught in a variety of schools in Bristol and Wiltshire.  He feels that learning should be instructive, but also engaging and enjoyable. Family Learning is not about completing endless sums or writing down meaningless text; it is about sharing ideas and understanding that learning can be interesting and beneficial to an individual and their family. 

Cara Williams Wiltshire Family Learning

Cara Williams

Cara has been teaching for over 10 years and joined Wiltshire council as a Family Learning Tutor in June 2017. She loves making learning come alive and hopes to instill a love of learning through exciting materials and an understanding, collaborative atmosphere.

Emily Tavakoli Wiltshire Family Learning

Emily Tavakoli

Emily has been a tutor for over 14 years working in the fields of Family Learning, Early Years, Arts in Education and ESOL. She has worked with families in the U.K and abroad specialising in English as a Foreign Language. Emily joined our team in April 2017 and has supported children and parents in Wiltshire get a step closer to achieving their learning ambitions.   


Isla Russell

Isla is one of the Family and Community Learning Tutors. She has a background of community work and education in a diverse variety of settings including in schools, colleges and arts organisations. She enjoys meeting new people and is interested in equalities issues.

Laura Trowbridge Wiltshire Family Learning

Laura Trowbridge

Laura considers herself lucky to have been a Family Learning Tutor for the last 10 years; She supports families to learn together to develop the skills of both adults and children. 

Vanessa Muller

Vanessa Muller

Vanessa has been a teacher for 17 years and is the newest member of the Family Learning Team. She is passionate about life-long learning and loves to make learning fun and creative.

The Building Bridges team can be contacted by telephone 01225 713042

Meet the Building Bridges Family Learning Development Officers

Anna tree 3

Anna Tree

Anna joined our team in April 2018 as a Development Worker for Building Bridges. Originally starting out with a BA Hons degree in Cultural Studies. Anna has spent over 10 years working in the Social Housing sector working with families and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Anna loves to learn and has more recently completed a CIPD Level 3 course in Human Resource Management and is also a qualified Community Mediator. Anna really enjoys enabling people to reach their full potential and encouraging them to develop their skills and abilities.

Louise El-Wardany

Louise El-Wardany

Having relocated to Wiltshire from the North East of England in late 2018, Louise joined our team in February 2019 as a Development Worker for Building Bridges. Louise is a Level 4 qualified Careers Adviser and previously worked for the National Careers Service, delivering expert careers information, advice and guidance face to face with people from a wide range of backgrounds in the Newcastle and Gateshead areas. As a Building Bridges Development Worker, Louise will use her knowledge and abilities to support and empower others, helping them to move forwards and identify and reach their potential.

Mel Matthews Building Bridges

Mel Matthews

After many years of supporting people in education and training Mel's role within the team is now a development worker. She strives to encourage progression and achievement with individuals and families. 

Nicola Crompton 3

Nicola Crompton

Nicola joined our team in April 2018 as a Development Worker for Building Bridges. Nicola believes the Building Bridges Team offer a fantastic and unique programme of support for individuals with personalised plans and by being on hand to help at every step of the way.

Nicola is looking forward to working with our partners to help individuals bridge gaps in learning, develop their skills, access education and move towards the world of work. 

Sean 9

Sean Turner

Sean joined our team in April 2018 as a Support Officer for Building Bridges. Sean will be first point of contact for any queries around the processes. Sean is focused on providing a more systematic way of working and providing simplified systems to bring high quality results.

Learner Governors

  • Christina Alder
  • Hannah Wilkins

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