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Wiltshire Core Strategy - next steps

Friday 25 January 2013

A strategy outlining areas in Wiltshire where appropriate development can take place leading to more jobs and homes for local people will go before an independent inspector in late spring.

The dates and next steps for the Wiltshire Core Strategy Examination in Public have now been set by the Planning Inspector.

Cabinet member with responsibility for spatial planning and regeneration Fleur de Rhe-Philipe said: “This is one of the last stages of this process which will see development managed and controlled with a real emphasis on appropriate development that creates jobs and homes for families and local people.

“Input from residents, businesses and organisations has been integral in forming this strategy and we will continue to keep Wiltshire’s communities updated as this document goes through the Examination in Public process.”

Wiltshire Core Strategy Examination in Public process:

The Inspector has requested a pre-hearing meeting on the 28 February 2013. This meeting will allow the Inspector to formally publish the matters to be debated at the forthcoming hearing sessions.   Before this meeting, the Inspectorate will write to all those who submitted representations on the Core Strategy.

The Inspector has proposed that the hearing sessions will start in early May

The purpose of the Examination is to consider if the strategy complies with the legal requirements and is 'sound'. The Inspector, therefore, will only take into account the representations which relate to the actual soundness of the Core Strategy.

Hearing sessions are focused on  the matters and issues outlined by the Inspector – what these sessions cover , therefore, will not be influenced by representations.

People who have sought changes to the document and indicated they would like to be heard may be invited to the hearings at the discretion of the Inspector. Additional parties who did not ask to attend, may be invited by the Inspector to contribute specialist expertise and knowledge.

After the sessions the Planning Inspector will then submit a draft report to the council.

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