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Boating community

For boaters without a permanent mooring for their boat on the canal, they can usually moor for 14 days in any one place unless signed otherwise (for example on a short-stay visitor mooring).

The Canal & River Trust's Boat license support officers cover the whole of the canal and record boat sightings at least every 14 days using a GPS app. If a boat has stayed longer than the 14 days, they will be contacted and reminded to move. If a boat continues to overstay without authorisation, then the Trust will begin enforcement action.

If your concerned about a boat overstaying you can contact the local boat license support team, you can find the contact details on our website 

Please note that due to data protection rules we can't discuss any details about a specific boat or enforcement activity against them without permission from the boater.

You can find more information on the continuous cruiser monitoring process on our website.

Supporting vulnerable boaters

Boating can be a great lifestyle, but we know it can get tough at times. To help out, we want to put boaters in touch with the people who can help. Our website has more details of how we help support vulnerable boaters.

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Last updated: 3 October 2018 | Last reviewed: 3 October 2018