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Social care and health

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Social care services in Wiltshire help people live safely and independently in their local communities. There are a wide range of services for children and families and for adults and their carers. Services include family support, home care, residential care, fostering and adoption.

Children’s Services are now delivered through an integrated Department for Children & Education. Our trained staff deal with children in foster or residential care, with issues of child protection, children with special needs and young offenders.

Adult care is provided by the Department of Community Services. It arranges a range of social care services to older people and people with a learning disability or physical impairment. It aims to deliver services to people who need a rapid response to a crisis, need help to maintain their independence where they have complex needs and to promote preventative services which help people remain well and independent. To find out more about adult care, plus information to help keep healthy and well, see Your Care Your Support.

Care services policies consultation

Wiltshire Council have reviewed policies related to care services following recent changes in legislation andwe arenow consulting on the proposed changes to consider the possible impact these changes might have on Wiltshire's communities.

If you would like to participate in the consultation the draft policy documents, consultation questionnaires and the Equality Impact Assessment can be accessed on our consultation portal. If you would like to ask any questions about the draft policy or the consultation process please e-mail careactissues@wiltshire.gov.uk

Healthwatch Wiltshire are holding meetings you can attend to discuss your views on these policies, the dates of the meetings are on their website.

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