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Youth Offending Service (YOS)

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Wiltshire's Youth Offending Team (YOT) works to prevent children and young people between 10 and 17 from breaking the law and to help prevent them from re-offending.

We work to make sure young offenders understand the consequences of their behaviour in relation to themselves, their family or carer, the victim and the community. Victims’ views and involvement are sought throughout the justice process and every effort is made to provide direct reparation to victims and reintegration opportunities to young people.

The YOT is made up of workers from a range of organisations including the police, probation service, health service, education and children's social care. We work closely with young offenders and their parents/carers as well as with court, criminal justice agencies and other organisations or groups that support young people and recognise the unique value and contribution that they make to society. Other key providers and supporters include the youth development service, personal advisers, training and employment providers, accommodation and voluntary sector agencies.

The team is supported by volunteers from the community who help us in various way, including serving as members of the referral panel, mentors, victim liason volunteers, appropriate adults and reparation support. Volunteering to work with our team will suit you if you are interested in supporting young people who have offended, some of whom can be challenging at times, and if you want to make a difference in your community. Volunteers receive full training, support and expenses. There are also many opportunities to work on reparation projects or as sessional workers attached to specific projects. For more detailed information about working for Wiltshire's Youth Offending Team either as a memebr of staff or volunteer please email youthoffending@wiltshire.gov.uk

We aim to train all our staff and volunteers in restorative practice and facilitation as well as offering training to other agencies, both internal and external to the council. Wiltshire YOT is a registered training provider with the Restorative Justice Council and follows their PDFcode of practice code of practice 250kb.

The Wiltshire Youth Offending Team has two operational bases:


Telephone: 01249 709400


Telephone: 01722 432435

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Tel: 01249 709400


Tel: 01722 432435



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