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Highways Asset Management

A350 Highways (Phase 2 Completion)

Highways Asset Management

The local highway network is vital for businesses and communities, and effective maintenance to ensure its availability is essential to the economic development of the county. Wiltshire Council recognises the importance of maintaining and managing its highway network effectively.

Wiltshire Council is committed to the good management of the highway asset and has been implementing asset management principles for many years. There has been under investment in highways maintenance nationally for many years, but in recent years Wiltshire Council has been making a significant investment in improving the county's roads.

The Council's Policy and Strategy for highway infrastructure maintenance and renewal are contained in the documents below. An annual programme of surfacing and similar work is produced and reported to the Area Boards.

There has been a substantial improvement in the overall condition of the county's road network in the past decade, but it is appreciated there still roads in need of treatment and the need for further investment. The overall condition of Wiltshire's roads compares favourably with the national average and the south-west average road conditions.

Wiltshire Council has identified a resilient network. This comprises the key routes into and through the county, which generally carry the most traffic, and where long term unavailability would be likely to cause serious disruption. These routes are given special consideration in connection with maintenance works and infrastructure renewal.

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Last updated: 11 October 2019 | Last reviewed: 11 October 2019