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Freight policies

The current Freight Strategy recognises the need to achieve a more sustainable distribution of freight and to support the priority themes of climate change and economy.

It should be recognised that the overwhelming majority of freight distribution within the county is made by road, and that this is likely to remain so in the foreseeable future.

This has been reflected in the freight strategy policies as part of the latest Local Transport Plan.

Freight PolicyDescription
FP1: Freight Quality Partnership 
Wiltshire Council, in partnership with Swindon Borough Council, will continue to work with the freight industry and freight related stakeholders through the regular meetings of the Wiltshire and Swindon Freight Quality Partnership. 
FP2: Freight routes 
To develop and implement, through the freight action plan, a comprehensive advisory freight network that will achieve three levels of freight routes within the county to facilitate the efficient movement of freight traffic with the minimum social, environmental and economic cost. 
FP3: Freight consolidation 
To investigate the possibilities of shared deliveries and ad-hoc freight consolidation. 
FP4: Freight Assessment and Priority Mechanism 
Wiltshire Council will continue to assess freight issues using the FAPM and will review and update the mechanism where required. 
FP5: Lorry parking 
Develop a new standard for lorry parking facilities and to ensure that all recognised lorry parking areas obtain a minimum 'Basic' standard with this standard being maintained to benefit all road users. 
FP6: Lorry parking at new developments 
Ensure that any new industrial / commercial development which falls under the relevant criteria, initiates a transport statement / assessment to consider good quality HGV parking, services and manoeuvring space as an integral part of the proposed development. 
FP7: Information 
Educate and raise awareness on sustainable freight distribution using available instruments including a dedicated web presence for freight within the county. 
FP8: Safeguard land for future rail use 
Use relevant planning policies to continue to protect land within Wiltshire where applicable for future rail use and safeguard from inappropriate development. 
FP9: Transfer road to rail freight 
Wiltshire Council will continue to support and promote where applicable the transfer of road based freight movements onto the rail network 

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Last updated: 22 October 2019 | Last reviewed: 22 October 2019