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Oxford Road Calne

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Oxford Road, Calne - Traffic Management Proposals

Wiltshire Council in implementing its Local Transport Plan (LTP) for 2011-2026 is seeking to develop Integrated Transport measures throughout the County, with a view of improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and improving road safety.

This scheme has been developed as part of a request through the Calne Community Area Board with funding from developer contributions and has been supported by Calne Town Council and the locally elected Member. The intention is to reduce the volume of traffic entering Calne from the north via the Oxford Road by introducing traffic calming along Oxford Road and therefore making the bypass more appealing for traffic.

What are the Proposed Improvements?

The scheme will include the introduction of road narrowing features, an improvement to the existing zebra crossing and will retain the majority of existing roadside parking.

These details can be viewed at Calne library and at Calne Town Council offices or by downloading the preliminary design drawings to the right.

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Preliminary Plans

Contact Us

If you would like further information regarding the scheme or if you would like to comment on the proposed scheme then you can email us at integrated.transport@wiltshire.gov.uk

The closing date for comments is the 27 September 2019.

Last updated: 2 September 2019 | Last reviewed: 2 September 2019