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Council housing

The council owns over 5,000 properties, mainly in the Salisbury and South Wiltshire area, which are rented to tenants. We provide services to tenants including housing repairs and dedicated neighbourhood officers and sheltered housing.

In this section of the website you can: 

If you are interested in becoming a council tenant, you will need to make an application for housing through our new choice-based lettings system, Homes 4 Wiltshire.

See the housing advice section of the website for information on homelessness, emergency accommodation and the other ways in which we support the housing needs of the district.

If you are a Wiltshire Council tenant and have a Facebook account, please like and follow Wiltshire Council housing on Facebook for updates and events about your Housing Service.

Parking in council housing areas

Parking can be an issue in some of our council housing areas. 

Parking is generally prohibited on grassed areas and we usually have local garages available to let. If you want to know about your parking entitlements at your council home, including possible restrictions on parking for commercial or large recreational vehicles like caravans, please consult your tenancy agreement or speak to your neighbourhood officer.

Renting a garage

The council owns a number of garages in South Wiltshire that are available to rent.

You can apply to rent a council garage whether you are living in a council property or not. You must reside in the South Wiltshire area. For all other areas of Wiltshire please contact the local housing association.

You can only apply for a garage that is:

  • Within one mile of your home
  • To be used for a car and not for storage

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

We are currently unable to let any empty garages, in order to help control the spread of Coronavirus and for Wiltshire Council to use it's resources effectively. We will review the situation regularly and resume this service as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Contact the housing department on 0300 456 0117 - option 4 you would like to apply to go on the waiting list for a garage.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Contact phone number
  • Road name or names that you would like to be on the waiting list for.

When a garage becomes available, priority will be given to council tenants. If no council tenant wants the garage, we will offer it to the person who has been waiting the longest.

If you are a council tenant you will not normally be offered a garage if you have rent arrears.


Neighbourhood estate inspections

The council has embarked on a programme of estate inspections.

If you would like to be more formally involved in the inspection, or would like to request the inspection of your estate, please contact your neighbourhood officer who will be able to give you more details.

Estate inspections are where tenants and council officers come together to walk around a particular estate, inspecting the area, and talking about how it could be improved.

They will give you the opportunity to raise with staff, managers and councillors any issues on your estate that you think they should be aware of whether it’s:

  • the length of the grass
  • areas which may contribute to anti-social behaviour
  • the condition of some tenants' gardens.

You will be able to join in with the inspection on your estate and help to assess the overall condition.

The inspections will usually be held as near as possible to the last Friday of every month starting around 10:30am and will be advertised on this webpage and in the tenants’ newsletter, Housing Matters, please come along.


29 November 2019 - Hindon
13 December 2019 - Bulford
31 January 2020 - Bemerton Heath
28 February 2020 - East Knoyle
12 March 2020 - Laverstock
27 March 2020 - Bemerton Heath
24 April 2020 - Redlynch
29 May 2020 - Harnham
26 June 2020 - The Winterbournes
24 July 2020 - Salisbury City Centre
21 August 2020 - Zeals
25 September 2020 - Salisbury
6 October 2020 - Quidhampton
30 October 2020 - Amesbury
27 November 2020 - Bemerton Heath
11 December 2020 – Durrington


All the problems identified on the inspection are reported to the correct department to follow up. We publish reports with the result of the inspection here on our Resident Involvement page.


Our performance

How are we doing as your landlord?

  • Every April the Housing Board set our key performance indicators (KPIs) along with some challenging targets
  • It may take us a while to meet them all, but as we work towards them there will be significant improvements in the way we provide services
  • We send or email satisfaction surveys to tenants that use many of our services, such as responsive repairs or tenancy sustainment support. Please do take the time to complete any surveys you receive as your feedback is used to shape and improve our services
  • Every two years we ask all Wiltshire Council tenants for their opinions on the housing service we provide. The HouseMark STAR survey (Survey of Tenants And Residents) is a really helpful way for us to identify what is working well, what needs to improve, and which things are most important to you.
  • Abandonment policy
  • Adaptations policy
  • Anti social behaviour policy
  • Arrears debt recovery policy
  • Asbestos policy
  • Assignment policy
  • Compensation policy
  • Debt write off policy
  • Decant policy
  • Decorations allowance policy
  • Domestic abuse policy
  • Garage letting policy
  • Gas servicing and safety policy
  • Home improvement and alteration permission policy
  • Leaseholder debt recovery policy
  • Legionella policy
  • Lone working policy
  • Mobility scooter electric wheelchair storage charging policy
  • Mutual exchange policy
  • Pets policy
  • Right to buy policy
  • Succession policy
  • Voids policy
Copies of our policies and procedures are available on request.
  • Service standards promote good practice and set out the level of service that you can expect as a tenant or leaseholder from Wiltshire Council’s housing management service
  • These standards ensure that we treat everyone fairly and respond to the needs of our tenants effectively and efficiently
  • We are always keen to improve our services and we welcome suggestions or comments on how we can do better

All our service standards, policies and procedures were reviewed in 2015 and copies are available on request.  These are continually monitored and reviewed and updated when necessary. 


The purpose of the letting standard is to ensure that all vacant homes are clean and in a satisfactory state of repair before being let to a new tenant.

Our guarantee

Our inspection will ensure that every home we offer for letting is fully checked and passed as:

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Clean
  • In good condition
  • With all services in working order

When we let properties, we ask people to fill in a Housing letting satisfaction survey so that we can ensure a high quality of service.

If you would like full details of the Letting Standard, please see our Our Letting Standard – the condition of our properties when we let them factsheet.

These can be found on the factsheets for tenants and leaseholders page.


Council tenants disputes and complaints

We strive to provide the highest standards of customer care for our tenants and greatly value the feedback that we receive. If you are unhappy about any aspect of our service, in the first instance please contact your local neighbourhood officer, who will try to help you with the problem.

If you would like to make a formal complaint, please follow the guidelines set out in our Complaints Procedure. We take all complaints extremely seriously.

If you would like any further information, please contact us.

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Last updated: 11 May 2020 | Last reviewed: 11 May 2020