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Leaving hospital

Are you going to be homeless upon discharge from hospital?

If you are currently in hospital and upon discharge you have no accommodation to return to, or your accommodation may no longer be suitable for you then you must alert a member of staff at the hospital as soon as possible. The hospital discharge team can then refer you to either WiltshireCouncil's Housing Options team (online e-form) or Adult Social Care team.

If you are referred to the Housing Options team, a Housing Options Adviser will then conduct an assessment on your case and determine what duty, if any, Wiltshire Council has towards you. If you have no accommodation to return to, the Housing Options Adviser will need to confirm that you are homeless therefore will be asking for a comprehensive address history for approximately 5 years and may want to speak to family and/or friends and/or landlord. If you have accommodation however it may not be suitable for you to return to then the Housing Options team will work closely with Adult Social Care to try and identify whether it is reasonable for you to return to the property or not. If you are discharged with no accommodation to go to then it is a reasonable expectation for you to source friends and/or family to stay with on a temporary basis whilst you work with the Housing Options team to source alternative accommodation. Please note, if you aren't able to find temporary accommodation for yourself then the Housing Options team will assess whether or not they have a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation,there is no guarantee of an offer of temporary accommodation until your case has been assessed.


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Last updated: 30 April 2018 | Last reviewed: 30 April 2018